Best Overnight Pull Ups for Heavy Wetters

With the birth of a child there comes a lot of questions. Choosing the right diaper for your child can be way harder than you might think!

It is not easy to keep up with a newborn, they need a lot of energy. Sometimes the only thing parents want and need is a good night’s sleep.

But how are you going to get that important good night’s sleep if your newborn is a heavy wetter?

What can you do to choose a diaper that will be not only safe also easy to use?

Let’s take a little guide to help you find the best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters.

Best Overnight Pull Ups for Heavy Wetters

5 best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pant

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This diaper creates a barrier that locks wetness away from babies’ skin. This is very important because it not only protects babies’ skin it also is great protection for the leak. Diaper also has extra absorbing channels in places where it is the most likely needed, which provides amazing protection. You can use this diaper for up to 12 hours, you will rest and not be worried about your baby.

Easy up is a great use for older bedwetting kids to teach them about potty training. As already mentioned one of the most important features of pull up is stretchy waistbands. Pull-up offers a 360º waistband that fits the child’s waist perfectly and it almost feels like real underwear. That factor is a very important while potty training because it makes pulling up and down easier.

Pampers Easy Ups has a lot of benefits for your comfort too. If you are in hurry, you can just rip the sides of. Diaper is also made to feel like cotton underwear, this will help your child with the transition from diaper to the underwear.

With a lot of benefits this easy-up is a very fun product to use! They are colorful and it also comes in superhero and troll designs. Toddlers can even choose their favorite design and the fact that they will also love this pull-up will make potty training so much easier!

The pull-up comes in 4 sizes: 2T–3T (16–34 lb), 3T–4T (30–40 lb), 4T–5T (37+ lb) and 5T–6T (41+ lb). Parents’ most common choice mostly are pull ups night time 4t-5t .

Goodnites Bedwetting for Boys

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Goodnites are disposable nighttime underwear. They come in many sizes which is amazing for not only children who are potty trained but also for older bedwetting children. To be more exact sizes are XS (28-43 lb.), size S/M (43-68 lb.), size L (68-95 lb.), and size XL (95-140+ lb.), Therefore Goodnites can be used for kids up to 12 years.

Sadly, sometimes bedwetting can be bad for a child’s confidence, it is very important for the child to feel safe! Goodnites provide 5 layer protection and reinforced Double Leg Barriers of course this makes pull-up very safe, and even when a kid is lying down it prevents almost every chance of a leak.

The very important part is also, the fact that Goodnites  have 40% more protection in places where it’s most needed.

Because pull-up comes in many sizes and has a very stretchy waistband it can fit almost all body shapes and is very comfortable to use.

The pull-up is designed for boys and is created for their anatomy. Goodnites provide thicker padding in the front and bottom  and the back of the pull-up is thinner.

You might tkink think that design is not a very important part but funny designs can make a child happier and make potty train more fun. As a result Goodnites come in beautiful designs! They even change designs regularly!

Pampers Underwear for Girls

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Days become way longer when child is upset and sometimes reason for that is bedwetting. No child likes waking up to a wet bed! To prevent leaks you can choose UnderJams underwear.

There are a couple of primary elements that make UnderJams a great product.

First of all the pull-up is created for girls so it is designed to be more suited for their bodies. Underjam has a low waist so it feels more suitable and girls can not even feel that they are wearing a pull-up.

This bedtime Underwear  has technology that locks away wetness and takes moisture from the skin which makes it more breathable. It also absorbs 20% more wetness  which renders good nighttime rest not only for children but also for everybody in the house!

Another fundamental thing is the material it is made of! It is created with a low, cloth-like material that gives your child a happy experience with the privacy she wants when she is sleeping.

The pull-up is great for daytime activity because of the already mentioned, silent material. Further even after wetness, the leakage is almost impossible to see unless the diaper gets opened.

As regards sizes Underjams recommended weights are 58 – 85 Pound, size mostly varies from S/M to L/XL so It is fair to say that almost kids of every size can use this.

Designs of  Underjam vary and change regularly! Because diaper is disposable it is also very beneficial and convenient to use.

Because of these marvelous benefits, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that Underjams can work way more than any of your expectations.

Pull-Ups Girls’ Training Pants

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If you want to make potty training a routine and healthy habit Extra Night-time Protection by Huggies is one of the best choices.

These are one of the most absorbent pull-ups, it has leakage stability that will make sure that child is clean and happy for the rest of the night.

These training pants have easy-open sides, which of course, is an important part of the pull-up. That makes pull-ups more comfortable and inconvenient to use for, which everyone can agree is critical when you have contact with a toddler.

One of the most essential things while the potty train is that toddlers will be able to change by themselves if it is needed. Because of this the company offers to customize the waistband of a pull-up. This feature also makes messes way more apparent and faster to check. 

Of course the sizes are worth mentioning. Pull-up comes with 3 sizes: 2T/3T, 3T/4T, 4T/5T, regarding weight it varies from 18b to up to 50lb. Therefore parents can use pull up for an older kid.

As already specified the more joyful designs are better for the toddler! This option is the most fun one to use because of its unusual feature. Pull-up comes in Disney Pixar graphics of Bo Peep from Toy Story but what is exceptional is that the sketch fades away when the pull-up gets wet. Every kid will be very excited to see a feature like that.

Before using pull-up everyone can go to the website and read expert articles, tips and most importantly potty training sources.

Sposie Overnight Diaper Pads

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In today’s world, it is very important to care about the earth and environment. Disposable diapers are not always the best choice if you want to be more careful and thoughtful about the environment. Thankfully, the Sposie Overnight pad is an exception.

Pull-up is great for both earth and child’s skin, it is hypoallergenic certified also totally free of fragrance, latex, chlorine, and phthalates. Plus pad is cruelty-free but most importantly it is dermatologist and pediatrician tested and approved. The composition of pull-up decreases discomfort and skin inflammation caused by extreme wetness.

This pull-up can last overnight and also all day long because of its ultra-soft booster pads with duplicating the absorbency of the diaper.

This pad is great for traveling and long car rides.

They come in different sizes, in particular, 2T-5T pull-on / size 4-6 diapers, nighttime pull-ups size 6 is mostly for older bedwetting kids, pad can be placed in almost every sized diaper.

The pad is unisex, but some rules will make adjusting the pad more effortless. Let’s be more specific, for boys folding it in half and placing it up front is the most beneficial. For girls placing them in the length of the diaper will be way more comfortable. It is crucial to make sure the entire pad is inside the diaper or it can leak out the top.

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Buying guide: Overnight Pull Ups for Heavy Wetters

best tips while choosing pull-up.

It needs to be ultra-soft, and breathable.

When a baby wets itself it is very important to change its diaper very quickly, because a damp environment can create a rash, irritation and even bacterial infection. Of course you can not always change diapers that quickly, so try to find the diaper that is breathable.

Custom waistband

It is also very important to choose a diaper that has a comfortable waistband. Your newborn will probably use pull-ups until they will be potty trained. Waistband will make this whole process easier for both of you.

Ultra layer protection

The diaper can not provide the maximum absorbency without multi-layer protection. Even tho multi-layers make diapers way more absorbent, they can make diapers a little too thick.

Easy-open sides 

Easy-open sides make changing more easy and fast. Imagine, you can use the time left from easy-open sides for yourself. Does not sound bad, right?

Types of pull-ups

We already discussed the best features, but if you choose wrong kind of diaper all of those best features will go to waste. Let’s talk a little about types to make your parenthood easier.

1. Scented pull-up

While you might think that a scented diaper is a good idea, because of the pleasant scent it has, it is not always the best option to use. Chemicals that make diapers smell nice can irritate newborns’ sensitive skin.

2. Cloth pull-up

Of course cloth pull-ups are much better for the environment but when it comes to comfort and inconvenience it is not the best choice. It is way much work considering it needs to be cleaned every time your newborn uses it.

3. Disposable pull-up

A lot of parents consider disposable pull-ups as a better choice. It can provide a lot of benefits such as custom waist, size and protection. It can be used as a bedtime pull-up. This must be the best type of overnight pull ups for heavy wetters .

4. Eco-friendly pull-ups

If  you want to take care of the environment but also care about what touches your babies’ skin, organic pull-ups are the best. Sadly this does not mean that these diapers are 100% safe and do not have chemicals in them. But it is way safer than traditional cloth or scented pull-ups.

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What are the most absorbent nighttime pull-ups?

Of course, daytime and nighttime pull-ups are different because the child moves more during the daytime. For example, introduced Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants For Boys and Girls, Sposie Booster Pads are the best from all the nighttime pull ups.

What are the most absorbent pull-ups?

It is hard to say which one in particular is the best. For example, already mentioned Goodnites Bedtimeall, Pull Ups Boys Cool & Learn, also Pull Ups Girls Cool & Learn are an amazing absorbents because of their multi-layer protection.

What are the best diapers for heavy wetters?

There are a lot of diapers but not every one of them can hold heavy wetting, the best ones were already considered such as Pull-Ups Night-Time Girls’ Training Pants and Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Girls.

Are there size 1 overnight diapers?

Of course, there are. Most of the time overnight diapers start from size 3, but few companies, such as Huggies, make size 1 diapers.


In summary, thinking that you can use any kind of pull-up or diaper is not at all right. To find the best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters  you have to take into account a couple of things, such as material.

 If you do not choose right material diapers, they can be bad for the environment. They create way more waste than you might think.

When wetness gets into a diaper too long and the diaper can not absorb it, it can hold moisture that irritates the skin. The unsuccessfully chosen diaper is more dangerous, when a tainted diaper rub against the baby’s skin it messes up with Ph and can cause a severe skin rash. You might think that rash is not that big of a deal but rash actually can transition to something way bigger such as bleeding, fever, bruises and bacterial infection.

Waist-band and sizes are also very important. To create very much needed comfort and relief.

In the long run by being a little bit more thoughtful while buying diapers and pull-ups can save you a lot of money and effort.

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