How to Clean a Pack n Play: Step-by-Step Detailed Cleaning Guide


As a nursing mother, you ought to know how to clean a pack n play, especially if you use one. Pack n play comes with a mattress enclosed in rather light fabrics that are either detachable or not. Like every other baby item, it is prone to getting dirty with use because babies spend a considerable amount of time in it. We wrote this article to show you how to clean a pack n play.

Why should you clean your pack n play?

Germs are very much comfortable in dirty places; hence a messy pack n play is no option, keeping your little one in a messy pack n play would mean exposing them to germs. The immune system of infants is not strong enough to withstand an army of harmful organisms that colonize dirty surfaces, especially not one that your baby uses often.

Using dirty beddings or bedding materials can predispose your babies to health risks that you can otherwise avoid by keeping your baby’s sleeping spot clean.

Moreover, your pack n play won’t look too good and presentable when it is dirty.

Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the regular cleaning of baby toys and other baby stuff regularly to rid them of germs that might have culminated as a result of dirt. Don’t forget to read, How Long Can Baby Sleep in Pack n Play.

How to Clean a Pack n Play
How to Clean a Pack n Play

How do you clean your pack n play?

You can clean your pack n play either by using the mild or thorough cleaning method.

Mild cleaning

  • Cleaning your pack n play will involve you splashing water and soap here and there, so you should do your cleaning in a place you don’t mind water spilling on.
  • Separate the mattress from your pack n play
  • Take off the mattress cover, if detachable and wash separately
  • Clean the beds and pack n play in a bucket of warm water that contains mild detergents and use scrub the mattress using a scrub brush. Be sure to wash all the nooks and crannies of your pack n play.
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Leave the whole pack n play outside in the sun to dry

Thorough or deep cleaning

You can do a thorough cleaning if your baby has made a massive mess of his pack n play

  • Separate your mattress from the pack n play
  • Fill your bathtub with steaming hot water, add a mixture of half cup of detergent, one-fourth cup of vinegar and baking soda
  • Fold your pack n play and soak it alongside your mattress in the bathtub for at least one hour
  • Drain the tub and rinse, you can do this in the shower or at a designated spot outside.
  • Leave it outside to dry in the sun.

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Regular maintenance of your pack n play

While you can do a mild or thorough cleaning of your pack n play at intervals, you don’t have to wait till your pack n play is a total mess before you clean it up. You can maintain your pack n play by taking note of the following:

  • Don’t use an excessive quantity of your cleaning agents
  • Dab the surface of the soil area with moist clothing when appropriate
  • Wipe down any area that you notice  on the plastic and metal parts of your pack n play
  • Make sure you rinse the soap off your pack n play entirely
  • Ensure to dry your pack n play outside exposed to sunlight. You can study the weather report to know when it is best to clean your pack n play.
  • Make sure the pack n play dries entirely before use
  • Separately wash mattress clothing if it is detachable.
  • Ensure that you read the instruction manual of your pack n play and follow as much as possible
  • You shouldn’t soak all pack n plays in hot water; some just need to be immersed in cold water for a longer time, be sure of the one that best suits your pack n play.

Your pack n play should be kept clean as much as possible; your baby needs properly clean beddings to minimize the risk of health issues that can be caused by germs.

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