Best Pull Ups for Sensitive Skin

Do you want to find the best pull-ups for sensitive skin?

If your baby is transitioning from diapers to pull-ups it is vital to find the right one, but that process can get even harder if your newborn has sensitive skin.

Children spend a lot of time in the pull-ups, and when their skin gets irritated because of pull-up’s material, a lot of problems can come from that, such as rash, bacterial infection, or irritation.

Let’s review all of the options that people think is the best pull-ups for sensitive skin and hope that it will help you with your pick.

Best Pull Ups for Sensitive Skin

Best Pull Ups for Sensitive Skin

Honest Company Toddler Pants

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Well, when we are talking about pull-ups for sensitive skin, we have to start reviewing from the material and sustainability. If your baby has delicate skin start looking for hypoallergenic (that means that pull-up is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) pull-ups. 

The Honest Company offers an underwear-like pull-up that is NOT made out of any kind of Latex, chlorine processing, fragrances, or lotions. It actually has a bio-based center with sustainably collected fluff pulp and also is made from plant-derived materials. Because of these amazing advantages pull-up is dermatologist tested.

Honest pull-up has a core that locks liquid and keeps the moisture away from the skin to not irritate it, even if the baby does not have sensitive skin.

Pull-up feels like real underwear to make your babies transition way easier, it also has a stretchy waistband that makes putting a pull-up on and off more apparent.

Seventh Generation Potty Training Pants

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When you want to take care of your baby’s health and want to know what touches their skin, you have to get rid of any pull-up that has bio-hazard materials. They are dangerous for both, health and the environment.

Seventh Generation pull-ups have certification from The Forest Stewardship Council, which means they help keep forests healthy for future generations. They are hypoallergenic, made from materials that are created for sensitive skin, and do not have chlorine bleaching, lotions, or fragrances. 

Pull-up has an absorbent center to make them last all night long and is easy to use, it has sides that tear off easily so you can change your baby quickly. Pull-up also offers a stretchy waistband for a customized fit.

Seventh Generation pull-up comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

Natural Blossom Pull-up Underwear and Pants

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Allergy UK is the leading national, one of the top three safety authorities in Europe, charity that provides support, advice, and information for those living with allergic diseases. Natural Blossom Pull-ups are approved by Allergy UK. They are hypoallergenic and 100% fragrance-free. 

Natural Blossom pull-up can absorb up to half a liter of fluid. They keep moisture away from the skin to prevent any rash or trouble.

To keep away any leakage, pull-ups need to fit perfectly, almost like and underwear, that is provided by a flexible waistband and cuffs around the legs. Even though the pull-up is fully absorbent, they are not thick, 2mm diapers that give the maximum comfort and convenience.

Pull-up comes into a package that can be used as a diaper bag, regarding the actual designs of pull up, they are inspired by cute animals!

Bambo Nature Training Pants Classic

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If you find it hard to trust any brand on the internet that says they produce fragrance-free products, you can 100% trust Bambo Nature. They have earned the Nordic Swan Eco-Label, asthma-allergy Denmark, FSC, and over 20 environment and social tags that ensure the fact that their products are 100% safe. The product has 0% of any harmful chemicals. 

Bambo Nature pull-ups are good for the environment too, they are biodegradable to reduce the number of emissions and left almost no waste. 

With all of the advantages, the training pants are a cotton-made, breathable product, which also has a very flexible waistband and is very convenient use.

You can use this pull-up for both, daytime and overnight use, because it has an ultra-absorbent center to keep any of the leakages away.

Eco by Naty Pull-Ups Training Pants

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When you are using the product for your newborn you have to have a clear conscience. Eco by Naty Pull-ups is totally vegan, which means none of the products made by them are tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. Their pull-ups are made from essentially plant-based materials and do not contain any of the dioxins, perfume, phthalates, latex, dyes, GMOs, VOCs, parabens, and hap. Pull-up is also certified by TÜV Austria.

Imagine, you are using a product that is safe for your baby but does not hurt anything or anybody.

These pull-ups are the best for the potty train because they have an elastic waistband and are stretchy. They also are extra absorbent but breathable at the same time.

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What pull-ups are best for sensitive skin?

When you try to find the best pull-ups for sensitive skin it is important to make a little research. All of the reviewed pull-ups are suitable to use when it comes to sensitive skin, all of them are fragrance-free and are hypoallergenic.

Can I use pull-ups instead of diapers?

You can use pull-ups as diapers because they are made from the same materials. But the difference is that you have to use pull-ups when your baby is transitioning from diapers to potty, pull-ups are easy to pull up and down to create a more independent concept. You can also read our new post, adult diapers for postpartum.

Which is better Huggies or Pampers Pull-Ups?

First, let’s talk about Huggies, they have a lot of absorption areas, not only in the core but in the other areas too, it can lock more wetness and leakage than Pampers, on the other hand, Pampers’ pull-ups were made from a more delicate, stretchier material.

Are pull-ups good for nighttime?

Even though pull-ups are made to make a baby change to potty, they can be used for nighttime too, most of the pull-ups have absorption areas in the core, sometimes in front and back too, so they protect the baby while sleeping, even when they sleep on their tummies.

Do pull-ups feel like diapers?

Most of the time yes, because as mentioned they are made from the same material. The only difference is that pull-ups have an elastic waistband to make changing pull-ups easier so your baby can do it by themselves.

When should I use pull-ups instead of diapers?

You have to start using pull-up when your baby starts showing you signs that shows they are growing up and are ready to start using the potty. But the transition from diapers to straight potty is not really easy, that is when pull-ups come in handy.


Who wants to see their baby having a rash, high temperature, or even yeast? Even if you find the pull-up that is made from plant-based material, most of the time they cost a fortune.

Let’s hope that this review helps you find the best pull-ups for sensitive skin, the pull-ups that checked all of the traits and are considered the best are made from Seventh Generation and Bambo Nature.

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