Best Incontinence Pads For Women

Just because women use pads for their entire lives, incontinence pads are not a new thing for us. Almost half of the women struggle from UI one point in their lives and almost all of them decide to use normal period pads. That is when something goes wrong because incontinence pads are actually a very useful thing. They are designed to hold not only blood but urine and even deification. Pads can also carry much more waste than normal period pads, so do not miss this amazing experience, which will make you feel cozy and confident.

Let’s start with buying guide to make sure you are looking for the best features and after that, we are going to review the 18 best incontinence pads for women.

Best Incontinence Pads For Women

The Best Incontinence Pads For Women

1. Always Discreet Postpartum Pads

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You should use these pads if your leakage is moderate, not too heavy but also not too thin, which is the most used size, as they are not bulky but can actually hold some waste. 

Another great thing is that pad has the fabulous adhesive part, which will stick to your underwear perfectly, without moving even if you wear them the whole day long.

Sadly, the common problem with all of the Always pads is their smell. Try staying away from them if you do not like fragrances.

2. Solimo Incontinence Pads

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These particular pads are longer in length, so they hold the maximum waste. Because of that, they might be a little bulkier and thicker than you might like.

The pads get made from latex-free material, those factors make pads touching your skin a safe experience and help the environment.

One of the most prominent things is to make you feel safe even before using the pad. If the product does not meet your expectations after a year of purchasing the underpad, the brand will give you a refund.

3. Prevail Bladder Control Pads

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Prevail makes one of the most amazing pads on the market. You can even check the reviews and see that almost every single revision is a positive one. This particular pad holds the maximum capacity of waste since they are approximately 13 inches long. 

Another great thing about these pads is that they can lock the odors without actually being scented, which is not great for health.

Prevail underpads do not contain Latex, they get made from simple and safe materials, which means they are breathable and allow air to circulate.

4. Depend Silhouette Pad

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Depend was another great brand, but after a couple of updates from them, people got more unhappy with it. Some people deem that the quality of the Depend pad has changed and is not that valid anymore. Or, for some people, the underpads stopped having the perfect fit they had in the past because they switched the waist frame.

These particular pads are extra-large, which means they can hold the maximum waste. Thankfully, they are not scented and can lock away the odors without actually making your head hurt. 

5. Tena Women Absorbency Pads

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These particular Tena underpads get made for overnight use. You clearly can not use every single pad the whole night, as they have to have an absorbent part in the back to prevent leaking while lying. Tena pads have a maximum absorbency since they are long almost 16 inches long. 

Even though the pad gets scented with natural fragrances like green tea or cedar wood, it still gets too much for some people.

Tena underpad is dermatology tested, which means you can use them the whole night long without being too worried.

6. Attends Discreet Underwear

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As the description of Attends pads states, their pads have the maximum absorbency and can get used overnight, but in reality, most people experience wetness after waking up. That means that if you strive from a heavy leakage, there is a reason why you can not trust this product all night long.

Attends underpads are scented, which is a different reason why you have to be careful while using this product.

On the other hand, the pad offers a great fit. It has a stomach elastic band plus tearable side panels for fast and easy removal.

7. Always Discreet Pads

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Regarding absorbency, Always is one of the remarkable brands. Their pads can get used overnight even when they have a moderate absorbency, that feature gets provided by the core that turns liquid into gel. After all of the advantages, there are a couple of things wrong with these pads. For example, the one that is the most common, as already mentioned- scent. Sadly, Always underpads are one of the most scented pads in the market.

All and all, Always Discreet is an excellent product, which helps you feel more in control.

8. Prevail Bladder Control Pads

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As already stated, one of the most amazing but underrated brands for incontinence pads is Prevail. These specific pads are long, with maximum absorbency, and can get used for up to 9 hours! They also are one of the rare brands that produce unscented pads.

Pads do not have visible slacks, an outline on the rear, or bulk showing, which is provided by the soft material that created these pads. Materials do not cause any itching or irritation.

All of these features are the reason why you should give this product a try.

9. Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear

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Some people can get uncomfortable while using the pad, and even if you feel safe in underpads, they still do not have the absorbency that underwear can create. This absorbent underwear fits the body like genuine undergarments, so waste does not leak from the edges.

Another essential feature of incontinence underwear is its form, which gets made from 360-degree elastics. Waistbands are way more convenient as they pull the core closer to the body.

To be more exact, you can wear them with or without a pad, which feels more comfortable. 

10 Equate Overnight Pads

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Sadly, most of the people who bought this product have a couple of problems with it. For example, the most common problem is the pad’s design, for a majority of the time, the underpads collapse between the legs area. The difficulty gets caused because the adhesive parts slightly fold, also there is almost no coverage to keep the underwear dry.

You can consider purchasing this product if you struggle from the light to moderate flow. The pad can not hold the heaviest flow, as it collapses soon after putting the underpad on.

11. Poise Incontinence Pads

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Let’s first talk about all of the advantages that Poise pads have. One of them is that underpads are unscented, this means that the pad’s fragrances will not mix with waste’s smell, which frequently creates more serious scents.

Nevertheless, as already mentioned updates made the product get worse. For example, absorbency has changed since new pads come a little narrow. Some people claim that their pad rips and shreds even after 20 minutes after putting it on. Poise is a real example of how updates are not always a good thing.

12. Always Discreet Incontinence Liners

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If you are struggling with a light flow, but strive to find the right product because heavy leakage pads are too bulky for you, these Always Discreet pads will become your best friend! They have just a light scent, so much that some people even think that these underpads are unscented. 

Nevertheless, liners are a little hard to use. Pads that have wings make the process of getting placed on the underwear easy. While, Liners might move a lot, especially if you decide to use them at night time.

13. Poise Incontinence Pads

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Like we already mentioned a couple of times, the scent is an essential part of pad quality. What makes these pads exception is that this particular Poise pad is unscented, but some other models are scented. They are gentle and do not even irritate sensitive skin.

Even though the product’s description says that they are for heavy leakage and have maximum absorbency, in reality, some people think that they are made more for light to moderate leakage. 

Therefore, if you do not struggle with heavy flow, this product is worth trying.

14. Depend Incontinence Guards Control Pads

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If you are taking care of someone who has incontinence concerns, or if you are a woman dealing with this, these pads are the most hopeful things.

If you are taking care of someone else, changing them throughout the day can be very time-consuming. 

With almost every kind of pad, you have to get them completely undressed from the waist down to change a wet underpad.

But with Depend you can swop in a new insert for the old, and they are all set, nice within a couple of seconds.

15. TENA Intimates Absorbency Pad

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This particular pad is a great product for everyday use, as they mostly get made from Viscose. Viscose material is known to be very absorbent, breathable, and soft. All of these features pretty much check all of the boxes for the best incontinence pad.

The pad is also dermatology tested, which makes the product both comfortable and safe.

However, there are a lot of customers who saw some changes in these products. To be more exact, the TENA Ultimate pad is not as absorbent as it used to be, even though the brand declares the underpads are the same quality. For some, the materials of pads do not feel the same since they became too rough to use.

16. Always Discreet Incontinence Pads

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Everybody knows that Always is one of the most absorbent pads on the whole market! They have a magnificent technique, to be more exact, the pad’s core turns the liquid into gel. This kind of technique makes moderate absorbency pads almost as porous as any other maximum absorbency pads.

The underpad provides so perfect fit that you can work out, run, and do basically any kind of work while having this pad on.

This specific underpad is lightly scented, compared to other Always pads these have less scent, but there is still a chance that your skin will get irritated even just a little bit.

Well, this product is 50/50, you will either love or hate this product.

17. Equate Long Length Pads

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Let’s start talking about this product by describing its absorbency, the pad has been labeled as maximum absorbency, but as most of the reviews state these pads do not have the maximum absorbency, they are more like to perform as light or moderate absorbency pad. 

However, even for a moderate pad, these are very thin, which will make you feel comfortable, but somehow are still absorbent enough. The moisture is intercepted easily, which makes the top layer feels drier.

Another great thing about this pad is that they mostly get made from a natural material, which will not irritate your skin, even if you are an allergic person. They have a tight fit, which is generated by the sides that are slightly elasticized.

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Buying Guide of the Best Incontinence Pads For Women

What do you think is the most crucial feature to look at in the pad? Of course, your answer was absorbency, right? A lot of people write negative reviews on the products, saying they do not hold much waste when in reality, the product has a light absorbency. While buying a pad online, you can not check how absorbent they are, so try reading reviews and make sure you know the length of underpads. The longer the pads are more waste they can hold.

Did you know that one single pad can take up to 500 years to decompose? Each year, over 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons get used in the United States alone. Can you even imagine how much waste only underpads can create? Life will be way easier if all of the pads get made from recycled material. Another advantage of using healthy, non-toxic material would be your skin health. There is less chance your skin will get irritated or give you a rash if you use a product that is made from plant-based materials.

If you want to take care of the environment but could not find the right product, you can use a cloth pad. The pad might be a little bit harsh to use, but they can contain a little more waste than regular disposable pads.

One of the most significant features is odor-locking technology. Odors get more serious, when it comes to incontinence urination, so the pad that locks the odors is a true luxury. Sadly, most of the time, the odor-locking technology cancels all the odors with the pad’s fragrances. First of all, the problem is the pad’s scent, which is too powerful for some people. Secondly, when they get mixed up with waste’s smell, the odor will get worse than ever.

Let’s talk a little about the fit- some of the pads are not adhesive to any surface. Coton underwears are the best ones you can use below pads, as they are the most adhesive materials.

Hopefully, this review will help you find the right pad that checks all of the features and will make you feel comfortable and safe not only all day and but even all night long.

If we’re making a suggestion

Let’s talk about the questions that are the most commonly asked. For example, people think that working out in pads is impossible, when in reality, they get made to make you feel free even while working out.

As already mentioned, there are a couple of features that make the best incontinence pads for women. If you ask, the underpad that checks all of the points is made from Depend or Prevail.

Hopefully, all of these talks about incontinence pads gave you a piece of important information and helped you find just the right underpad for you.

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