Best Overnight Diaper for Tummy Sleepers

Newborn babies are the cutest and everybody loves them, but taking care of them is very exhausting. Congratulations if your baby started sleeping more, although it might come with a little bit of a problem. Babies who sleep more than 10 hours have to feel comfortable and for that, most of the time they sleep on their tummies. At the first sight, this might be the cutest thing ever, right? but when the baby sleeps on their front, the diaper can not hold the wetness because every diaper has thicker padding in the back.

If you want to find the best overnight diaper for tummy sleepers, you need to know a couple of things, so let’s take a little guide, which will help you discover desired best overnight diapers for heavy wetters.

Best Overnight Diaper for Tummy Sleepers

5 Best Overnight Diaper for Tummy Sleepers

1. Sposie Overnight Diaper Pads

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Even if you find the best features for your diapers, if it does not have the right fit, everything will go to waste. Sposie Overnight Diaper has a high, elastic waistband that will enclose your baby’s tummy to keep any leakage in the diaper. They offer a universal fit, sizes from 4 to 6, to fit newborn babies. Sposie does not create size 7 overnight diapers because they are mostly used for older bedwetting kids.

Regarding the absorbent of the diaper, it is conditioned by extra layers to double the absorbency of the Sposie diaper comparing to any other diapers. It Helps reducing discomfort and skin irritation which is caused by excessive wetness.

Odors get locked in the diaper, it will also neutralize ph balance on your baby’s skin. They wear diapers for a long time which will mess up their ph. The diaper is also safe for your child since it is 100% hypoallergenic! They are made from cruelty-free and fragrance-free materials.

2. Pampers Dry Disposable Baby Diapers

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If you want to trust the dependable brand, Pampers is the best choice. Most of the time predictions choose Pampers. They have a couple of features that make their diapers unmatchable. 

Let’s start with protection, they have 5 layers of pad, which will keep your baby dry for almost 12 hours. No waking up in the middle of the night! They also offer extra protection in the places where it is most needed.

Pampers takes care of the health of your baby’s skin, they are made of paraben-free material, to make diaper feel smooth while touching their skin.

The diaper comes in Sesame Street designs and will change colors every time the baby wets itself. 

3. Swaddlers Overnights Baby Diapers

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Most of the time leakage comes thru the legs area, Swaddlers found the best solution for that leakage. Their diapers have an extra guard barrier, which wraps around the baby’s legs. Also, the diaper has the top absorbent sheet, which is not too thick and uncomfortable to use. Pampers provide stretch that creates a safe and comfy fit. 

The material is free of parabens and latex, substances do not only keep the baby’s skin secure, but the diaper is breathable and very delicate to the skin.

The diapers come in 4 sizes: 3, 4, 5, and 6. As to designs diaper has 8 nighttime prints and their overall designs may vary from time to time to keep you excited.

4. Luvs Triple Baby Diapers

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Let’s talk about one of the best overnight diapers- Luvs disposable diapers. If you find the right size diaper will fit like real underwear, because they have higher waistbands. Even tho the diaper has Triple Leakguards in the 3 areas, they are not too thick to make the baby’s skin breathable and more comfortable. Since it has all the needed protection it can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours!

In the daytime, you can see the wetness without any leakage, as the diaper has a wetness indicator, which will turn blue every time your baby wets itself. 

The diaper has stretchy sides that feel make changing easier because they can tear up easily and you can change your baby even without taking their clothes off.

5. Honest Overnight Baby Diapers

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Honest overnight diapers are one of the most advanced and secured diapers. There are a lot of traits we can mention with this diaper, so let’s start with fit. 

The diaper has stretchy side panels, which will provide real comfort, you can check your baby’s diaper without actually taking it off. The stretchy sides make an elastic waistband, that fits the baby tightly and makes it more suitable. The diaper is tighter in the legs area too, since it is the place where leakage occurs the most.

The diaper has multi-layers, to keep the baby supported and to lock the moisture away for a long time. The honest overnight diaper is made out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials, which means the diaper does not have any latex or fragrances. 

Buying  Guide for Best Overnight Diaper for Tummy Sleepers

Let’s talk about everything that might help you.

Trying another size -Most of the time the biggest problem might be the wrong size. Your child is getting bigger so their diaper size needs some changes too. Just try and change their size, if this did not work then you know to move to another thing.

Cloth material diaper – You can try cloth material diapers, they are the best choice because they absorb more liquids. One big problem with normal diapers is when they move from front to the back their sides twist, then this twist touches babies’ sensitive skin and irritates it. Regardless of these big positive sides, many parents still do not choose cloth material diapers that frequently. Cloth diapers are not reusable and need cleaning after every use and when you have a newborn you can easily forget about the laundry.

If you tried both of those things and your baby is still leaking then you have to try overnight diapers for tummy sleepers. Before purchasing the diaper there are a couple of things that you need to know about them.

Best Fit – If the diaper does not fit properly, a leak will occur even if your baby is not a tummy sleeper. When diaper covers their belly diaper fits tightly and there are no extra sides where leakage can go thru.

Babies feel more relaxed and they sleep calmly.

Extra Leakage – Again, after no sleep for months when your baby starts sleeping peacefully for 12 hours without stopping you are the happiest. Sadly, not every diaper can hold 12-hour waste, so you need to find the right diaper.

Multilayers – If your diaper has an extra layer, of course, it will hold more liquid. Always check, more layer diaper has, the more time your baby will sleep!


Which diapers are best for overnight?

There are a couple of things that make diapers qualified to be used overnight, such as, leakage protection, custom waistband, and ultra layer protection. We can mention some diapers which check all of the features: Huggies overnight diapers, already mentioned Pampers baby diapers, and Sposie overnight diaper.

How do I stop my diaper from leaking at night?

First of all, try to change the size of the diaper, it can be a little bit bigger which will make it loose in some places where the baby will leak from. If the diaper still drips in some places then it means you are using the wrong diaper, try using cloth material or other already mentioned diapers.

What is the most absorbent nighttime diaper?

To find the most absorbent diapers, just look for a diaper that has an extra layer. For example, the Seventh generation overnight diapers have an extra layer and are made to keep the baby dry all night long. The absorbent core is the most important part of the diaper so they do no put bleach or processed chemicals in that section.

Are Huggies or Pampers overnights better?

There are a couple of differences that make these two Brands different. Huggies absorb more leakage and have more places for extra protection, on the other hand, Pampers diapers are made of better material, for example, they have stretchier sides and are more delicate for baby’s skin.

Are honest diapers good for overnight?

The honest diaper is great for overnight because it has stretchy sides, an elastic waistband, and a tight leg area which is made to fit the baby tightly and make it even more protected from leakage. The diaper is better for overnight use because it has multilayers to keep you more secure.


If you think it is easy to find the best overnight diaper for tummy sleepers, you are not right.

Most babies love sleeping on their tummies, and while it is the cutest thing in the world it can cause a couple of problems such as more leakage than ever, for example, most of the time wetness comes thru the leg section so be aware if you think the diaper you use does not absorb in that part.

Hopefully, this review can help you choose the best overnight diaper for tummy sleepers.

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