Best Incontinence Pads For Heavy Leakage

Urinary incontinence is a condition where the person can not control their urine leakage. Up to 35% of the people over the age of 60, are expected to have this condition, and in that position, it is crucial to find a solution that will help to control any leakage.

Most of the time people choose adult diapers, but there are a lot of traits that make diapers more uncomfortable than incontinence pads. For example, diapers are bulkier and because of that, they can be less breathable and less soft on the skin.

Incontinence pads are specially made to absorb wetness and lock away any kind of moisture, which will protect your epidermis.

Let’s review the 10 best incontinence pads for heavy leakage and hope that we will help you with your choice.

Best Incontinence Pads For Women

10 Best Incontinence Pads For Heavy Leakage

1. Poise Overnight Pads

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Let’s talk about the real problem- Nighttime leakage. Poise incontinence pads are made especially for overnight use. Of course, other qualities are very important, but if you ask me none of that equals to the importance of absorbency. Well, not only the description of the product, but almost all of the reviews say that these pads work great. That is achieved because the pad has a 75% wider back.

Regarding other great qualities, Poise claims that their pad will lock in any kind of odor. These incontinence pads have a tight fit to prevent any leak from the loose parts.

2. Poise Incontinence Pads

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A lot of reviews say that these pads do not have the maximum absorbency, but you have to keep in mind that these particular Poise pads are regular sizes. The only condition when you can use these pads is, if you do not struggle from heavy leakage. Since the especially large pad can be very uncomfortable to use, it is important to find a regular-sized pad that will only hold the light leakage. 

Other than absorbancy, like other Poise pads, this one also offers maximum comfort with the firm fit and locks away the unpleasant odors.

3. Always Discreet Pads

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When it comes to pads, everybody knows that Always produce the best and super absorbent incontinence pads. Always have pads for every kind of leakage, these precise pads are the most absorbent ones. However, they are still not too thick and will not make you feel uncomfortable.

While you are buying any kind of product the most outstanding view, is other customers’ views. Nearly all of the reviews claim that these pads are comfortable and easy to use.

On the other hand, be aware of fragrances, pads are scented and if you are allergic, fragrances might be too overpowering.

4. ALWAYS Ultra Thin Size Pads

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If you are looking for the pads that will hold the heaviest flow you are looking at the wrong product. Sometimes when you are wearing the extra absorbent, thick pads they might look awkward in the pants area, or maybe you are not struggling with Urinary incontinence but are worried about leakage because you are working out. This is when Always Ultra Thin pads come in handy. These pads are thin enough to make sure you are comfortable but not too thin that they can not hold leakage, pads can even protect you for up to 9 hours!

5. Incontinence & Postpartum Pads

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I personally think that Always is an unremarkable brand, which is provided by its many features, the most amazing hallmark is layered core, which turns liquid to gel. This technique makes blood, urinate or even waste absorb way quicker. 

Let’s talk about the thickness of the pad. First of all, they are regular-sized, the brand also claims that the pad can be dry, even though they are not bulky. 

Like every other Always pads be careful with its scent too, as they lock all of the existent odors by canceling them with the scented pads. 

6. Always Radiant Pads

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This is one of the thinnest pads on the market, however, they still can pull the moisture away from your body. They will not stick to you even if you have a heavy flow or you sweat a little, pads stay dry on every incident.

Pads are soft since they are made from mostly cotton, they also have one of the most outstanding fits, but some problems still need mentioning. For example, some people have problems with the stickiness of the wings, or like with every other pad, the most common problem is the scent. 

7. TENA Intimates Incontinence Pad

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If you know you can not trust just any product on the market, no one can make you feel more secure than dermatologists. TENA pads are dermatology tested, they claim that the pads are 100% breathable and can hold wetness even when you are lying down.

If your skin is a little sensitive, you need to try pads that are not made from latex or any kind of fragrance, that is when TENA pads will 100% come is useful.

When you see a certain problem is getting mentioned with almost every review you know that struggle is real, however, TENA is one of the rear brands that do not have repeated problems.

8. Depend Underpads for Incontinence

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Let’s talk about the brand that is mostly used postpartum- Depend. They have a great absorbency, which is provided by a triple layer system, but because the core is so thick, sometimes using Depend can get a little uncomfortable, especially, in the summertime.

The top layer is specifically soft to prevent irritating your skin. Pads come in 36 inches x 21 inches which means that they are extra large in length, because of that you can use these pads for elderly people, or even for younger children.

9. Premium Incontinence Bed Pads

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Thinner underpads are one of the most underrated things, people tend to get scared when they see a light pad, but we all have to keep in mind that a thin pad does not mean that they will not hold a lot of waste. These ultra-thin underpads, of course, can not hold the heaviest flow but they will stop from light to medium flow without getting too uncomfortable. 

Pads are so suitable and are so adhesive that they can be even used for your little dog’s training.

10. Carefree Original Thin Panty Liners

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Some kinds of incontinence pads are also used for the unexpected flow. When you are awaiting your period you never want to wear the whole thick pad. As a woman, I always adored Carefree thin panty liners for unexpected periods. If you do not struggle from constant leakage or common incontinence urine, then you probably want to use thin pads that will prevent a little bit of waste but also locking the moisture away from your body.

So once again, if you are looking for pads that are not made for necessarily heavy leakage, then Carefree is one of the greatest choices.

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How to pick The Incontinence Pads For Heavy Leakage

Before we start reviewing all of the pads, let’s talk a little about the features that the best incontinence pads should have.

Absorbency, Start looking for the pads that will have the absorbency which can hold heavy leakages. When you have urinary incontinence one of the most common issues is the fact that you go to the bathroom very frequently. Because of that, the perfect pad is the one with the highest absorbency.

Material, If you find the pad with great absorbency that means that you can wear the pad for a couple of hours, but this is when another problem might come, your skin health. You have to make sure the pad is made from fragrance and chemical-free material to prevent your skin from irritating.

Length, This one is easier to explain, the longer pad is, the more wetness it will absorb and you will be able to use it for even longer.

Scent, Most of the time, even if the pad is perfect with its fit and absorbent, it can all go to waste when the pad is scented but you are allergic. Even the slightest smell can trigger your allergies, so try to aim for the unscented pads.

 Eco-friendliness, Since some people might use incontinence pads for even years, it is very important for both, you and the environment to find a pad that is made from materials that can be recycled and will create minimum waste.

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We have discussed all of the best incontinence pads for heavy leakage, however, there are a couple of things that still need discussing.

Most of the time the question that gets asked the most about the Incontinence pads is if you can use regular period pads and the answer is yes! Technically there is nothing wrong with using period pads for incontinence urine, but they are not created to handle more brutal fluid than menstrual blood.

Another thing is how to find the right fit of the pad, well, after a couple of effusions you will realize how heavy your discharge is, after that, try to find the pad that can hold an equal amount of liquid.

For me personally, the best pads are made by Poise and Depend, since they can hold a lot of fluid, are not scented, and have technology that will fit your body perfectly.

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