How Long Can Baby Sleep in Pack ‘N Play?

The primary aim of this article is to help you answer the question, how long can baby sleep in pack ‘n play?

Pack n play is one of the most beautiful things you can get for your baby. It is comfy and safe for babies as long as they are not overweight.

We would be helping you to determine how long your baby can sleep in pack n play through this article.

Pack n play

A typical Pack n play is a portable crib whose materials are durable and strong enough to hold a baby with moderate weight.

Basic Features

  • Like every other crib, different pack n plays varies with different models and manufacturers.
  • They have four sides that are covered by transparent or mesh materials for a free flow of air into the crib.

This also allows you to keep an eye on your baby.

  • A pack n play is usually portable and lightweight.
  • They may also have wheels for moving from one place to another.
  • Some pack n plays have bassinets attached to them, while some don’t (by the way, bassinets are smaller beds designed as sleeping aids for babies).
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How Long Can Baby Sleep in Pack ‘N Play?

To answer this question depends on the perspective we are looking at it from.

In a day, your baby can spend as many hours as possible in a pack n play.

However, if you are talking about when to stop using a pack n play for your baby, this would depend on his weight and height.

Some babies can sleep longer than others in a pack n play, and this variation can be due to the height and weight of your baby.

Different babies have different growth patterns. Hence, while some babies grow taller by the day, some gain more weight instead. Some kids may also grow both taller and weightier at the same time.

Graco Pack n Play Napper Safe for Sleeping

How durable is Pack n play?

A typical pack n play is strong enough to hold babies of 30 pounds or less.

For pack n plays with bassinets, the bassinets should be detached once your baby’s weight increases to about 13 to 14 pounds or better still, as soon as your baby can pull up or roll over without your help.

You should stop putting your baby in a pack n play once your baby becomes approximately 35 inches tall. Anything less than these specifications is not safe for your baby.

Some safety precautions for using a pack n play

  • Avoid soft and extra bedding materials such as mattresses, pillows, or toy-like pillows to reduce the risk of suffocating your baby. The padding and cushions provided by the manufacturer are enough.
  • Do not use a pack n play if broken or damaged. No matter how slight the damage may seem, it is not safe.
  • Ensure that you put your babies to sleep on their backs, it is the safest position for a baby.
  • For mesh-sided pack n plays, the holes should be moderately sized (less than ¼ inches in size).
  • Be careful of sharp objects in your pack n play.
  • Avoid using old designs of pack n play as much as possible, using other bedding materials apart from the ones provided by the manufacturer in an old pack n play could make it close up on your baby. This is dangerous.
  • Age is not the only factor to be considered in knowing when to stop putting your baby in a pack n play.

While different types of pack n play come with age limits specified by the manufacturer, you should also observe the height and weight of your baby.

Final Words

In conclusion, the question, ‘how long can your baby sleep in pack n play‘ is relative and dependent on a lot of factors, as discussed above.

Ultimately, the comfortability and safety of your little one should be your utmost priority.

Pack n play is not altogether a bad option as long as the appropriate safety measures are in place, however, we strongly advise that you avoid using an old pack n play.

Most importantly, you should endeavor to be very observant and to keep a close eye on your baby as much as possible.

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How Long Can Baby Sleep in Pack n Play
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