Some people think that diapers are only for newborn, younger babies when in reality, diapers can get used for older kids. Transitioning from diapers to potty can be stressful to the kid, which is when pull ups come in handy. Even if your kid is older and gets trained to potty, changing them into pull ups will prevent the trouble of waking up at night to change the kid. As it happens, more massive pull ups might come in handy in the daytime, as they will prevent occasion wettings.

To help you find the right size pull up, let’s first take a little guide to make sure you know everything about diapers before purchasing them, and next, we will review 5 of the best pull ups bigger than 5t.

Pull Ups Bigger than 5t

5 Best Pull Ups Bigger than 5t

1. Pull-Ups Boys’ Potty Training Pants

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We will start the review with the most crucial part right now, their sizes! These particular Huggies Pull ups are 4t-5t, that will fit kids from 38 to 50 lbs. So if you have a 4-year-old who still can get used to potty, Huggies got your back!

Their sizes are not only a great thing about these pull ups. They have other advantages that are worth mentioning. For example, the absorbency of these pull ups is exceptional. They make special diapers that have absorbent areas, especially where kids need it the most, in the core, back or legs section. Your kid can wear these diapers even for 8 hours!

Pull up also has a customized waistband that fits the child tightly and will prevent leaking from there. They also have an easy teared up sides, sides are the best thing if you are in hurry but want to change your baby quickly without too much effort.

2. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

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Goodnites have one of the best pull ups on the market! They have everything you would dream of in the diaper. For starters, these specific pull-ups come in XS, S / M, and L / XL. L and XL sizes are the biggest ones, which means they will fit kids from 60 to even 125 lbs. You can use these pull ups not only when you are training your kid but also for older children that, might have urinary incontinence.

These pull ups get targeted at girls. You might think that the gender of diapers does not matter, but girl’s and boy’s anatomy are different. Therefore their absorbent areas are dissimilar too. 

For convenience, pull ups have an elastic waistband that feels like real underwear, this will help your kid with their transition.

Let’s talk a little about the material of the pull ups, what they get made of. Goodnites diapers contain substances that will not irritate your baby’s soft skin.

3. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

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If you know something about diapers, you would know how great and worldly successful is Pampers brand, and there is the reason for that. This brand produces excellent pull up, which will help your kid transition without making them feel insecure about their bedwetting problems. It can be very stressful for the kid to wake up wet every single day. Because of that, Pampers produce pull ups in sizes from 2t-3t to 5t-6t, the largest sizes are the ones that will fit kids from 38+ lbs.

The core of the Pampers pull ups are very absorbent, which will lock away moisture and prevent touching the condensation on the skin for too long. That is not just uncomfortable, but the wetness being in touch with the surface for a long time might create problems that are hardly irreversible. Such as irritation or swelling of the skin, which will lead to very uncomfortable pain. That can be very unpleasant for your little one.

4. New Leaf Boys’ Potty Training Pants

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Another great brand that produces pull-ups in bigger sizes is New Leaf. They have pull ups in the dimensions from 2t-3t to 4t-5t, which means that these pull ups can fit children that are over 50+ lbs. As much as we want these diapers to be perfect in every way, most of the time, it does not happen. Description of the product, says that they have maximum absorbency and can be worn for up to 10 hours, but most of the reviews are from customers that did not find the product to have the best absorbency.

On the other hand, these pull ups get made from plant-based materials, which means they will be safe and soft on the baby’s skin and will not be bad for the environment. They will get recycled easily and will not create a lot of waste.

5. Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear

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As already mentioned, Goodnites pull ups are exceptional. First of all, their sizes are so big that they will fit grown children too, to be more exact, they come in 4 sizes, X-Small, Small / Medium, Large and X-Large. The sizes will fit kids up to 140+ lbs.

An additional great feature is its absorbency. Since the pull up gets made for particularly boys, they are absorbent in areas where boys leak the most, which frequently is in front of the pull up. Absorbency gets provided by 5-layered protection, which is very important if you decide to use these pull ups for nighttime.

If you want to find the pull up that will fit your baby perfectly, it needs to have stretchy waistbands too, which Goodnites provide. They present an underwear-like fit for all body shapes.

Buying Guide for Pull Ups Bigger than 5t

Before we start talking about the features of pull ups, let’s talk a little about other choices you have than disposable pull ups.

If you still can not find the right size pull up, you can start using cloth pull ups, which have a couple of advantages. First of all, they have the most customized sizes and also have excellent absorbency. On the other hand, cloth diapers need washing after every use, and their material might irritate soft skin.

If you want genuine comfort and absorbency, then you need to try disposable pull ups. They are a real treasure, but you still need to know a couple of things about them as a tiny detail you might think is not essential can make your money go to drain.

Let’s start with the one that is crucial for finding the correct pull, a customized waistband. The most critical part of pull-ups is their waist and leg area, as they are the parts where the most leakage happens. If you found the pull up that fits perfectly in the leg area but is a little loose in the waistband, inner adjustable straps will save you some struggle. Some pull ups can get smaller or bigger by even inches.

Another very significant element is how absorbent the pull up actually is. You do want the diaper to fit the baby, but you also want it to do its job. Well, what is pull ups function other than being perfectly absorbent? Most of the time, when we are talking about older kids, the pull up is the most required at night time. Since kids can not control their urination when they are sleeping, it is vital to find the pull up that can absorb wetness all night long and make sure that your baby will be as dry as possible in the morning.

If you decide to use disposable diapers, you need to know how much waste they create. In the just US, diapers create about 3.5 million tons of garbage. Finding the pull up that gets made from organic material will be great for the environment. Plus, it is not only good for the earth, but it is also great for your baby’s health since they are free from chemical substances. You can be calm because organic materials will not irritate nor sting newborns’ soft skin.

If we’re making a suggestion

Is your baby getting older and still struggles to use the potty? Or did they start using the potty but are not able to wake up from night sleep to use it? Do not worry about them. Every single pull up that is bigger than 5t gets made for these certain occasions. They feel like real underwear, which will help them transition from diapers to actual undergarments but are as absorbent as genuine diapers. These are the real advantages that pull ups have.

The brands that will provide you with all of these benefits are Goodnites and Pampers. Both of the brands have big-size pull ups that will fit kids up to 50 kg. They have one the most absorbent pull ups on the market, which will keep your baby safe and sound all night long! Other than these great things, their pull ups get made from the material that will be soft on the baby’s skin even after wearing them for 9-10 hours!

Hopefully, this review helped you find the best pull ups bigger than 5t.

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