20 Best Mini Crib Mattress (Reviewed 2023)

Buying a crib mattress is sometimes hard when you don’t know which one is non-toxic, organic, breathable & safe for the baby. If you just think to buy the best mini crib mattress, I think this review guide helps you a lot to get the most organic mini crib mattress for your baby.

Babies generally sleep better than adults and do not complain of back pain or body aches. Choosing the right crib mattress under budget is the highest level of priority as the body of a baby is much more sensitive to a bad mattress.

Here we listed the top quality mini crib mattress that is really organic, toxic-free, and breathable.

Best Portable Crib Mattress

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Best Portable Mini Crib Mattress (Check & Choose)

1. Dream on Me Mattress

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Dream on Me is a renowned company that serves you with the best cheap Hypoallergenic crib mattress under $100. They provide you with well-designed trendy and safe baby furniture at an affordable price.

The Dream on Me 3 Mini baby mattress is one of the best mattresses of 2020. It is a 38 x 24 x 3 inches baby mattress that has very good comfort and good qualities for a gentle sleep for your little one.

This mattress is made with quality materials and workmanship which ensure the highest comfort every time your baby sleeps on it. Perfect firmness and density make your little one’s resting time more soothing and enjoyable.

Dream On Me 3″ Mini portable crib mattress is phthalate and lead-free. This simply means it has no toxic chemicals.

This mattress comes with a hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial waterproof cover. It will help you in the prevention of mold, mildew, and bad odor.

Also, this Dream on Me 3″ Mini Portable Crib Mattress product is really easy to clean. You can easily wipe clean it with the help of warm water and mild soap.

That’s not all; this product has standard certification too. This Dream on Me 3″ Mini Portable Crib Mattress complies with Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633. Again, it holds a GREENGUARD certification for use of low chemical emissions.

Above all, we can say this Dream on Me 3 portable crib mattress is comfortable, robust, and healthy. It also comes with a 30 days warranty and ensures breathability.

Thus, this mattress meets all the essential criteria for your desired baby mattress. That is why we are happy to recommend it to you.

2. Moonlight Slumber Mattress

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The moonlight slumber breathable dual-sided baby crib mattress is one with the best value for money. This is an innovative mattress that serves a dual purpose. Yes, this baby mattress has one firm side for the infant’s bed and another soft side for the toddler’s bed.

The moonlight slumber crib mattress size is 27.5″ x 52″ and it has a thickness of 5″. Therefore, it offers the density necessary for optimal security and wonderful comfort so that your baby sleeps in the best possible conditions.

The mattress is made with 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic material, so your baby will have a sound sleep every time they sleep on it. It is constructed with Safe Sewn Seams, which makes this mattress both bed bug and dust mite resistant.

This is a waterproof mattress and ensures moderate airflow which makes it convenient. That’s not all; the moonlight slumber dual-sided baby crib mattress has an internal woven fire barrier with no spray or FR chemicals.

Cleaning this mattress is super easy. You can clean it with a damp sponge and warm water using a mild liquid soap.

It is a baby mattress made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. And finally, know that the mattress is Green Guard Gold and CertiPUR certified.

So, do we recommend it? Yes without the slightest hesitation we will recommend this wonderful mattress.

3. Babyletto Pure Core Mattress

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Babyletto Pure Core Non-Toxic Mini Crib Mattress is an amazing product that comes with a lightweight and super comfy material. Babyletto mini crib mattress gives your nursery a modern look without compromising any necessary features.

 This super comfortable mattress is made from the non-toxic and fully recyclable polyester core. That makes the mattress more safe and comfortable for your baby. 

This baby mattress has a removable multifunctional cover that includes a soft quilted cotton face and vinyl-free waterproof backing to protect the mattress against any accidents. The removable cover of this mattress is really easy to clean.

If you are a security-concerned parent then this is the perfect mattress for you because this mattress is free of any type of harmful chemicals. As Babyletto mini crib mattress is an organic mattress, it doesn’t have any chemical components or allergens.

The firmness of this mattress is just right for infants sleeping. Firmness is hard enough to be safe, but not so hard that the baby will feel uncomfortable.

If choose to buy this amazing baby mattress, you can be tension-free knowing your baby is not being exposed to unnecessary toxins and off-gassing. This is why; we would recommend this baby mattress strongly!

4. American Baby Crib

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It’s time to present the most affordable baby mattress cover from our comparison. American baby company’s waterproof fitted crib is the most reasonably priced and quality mattress in the market.

But its low price does not mean that it is not of good quality. The mattress cover is very popular with demanding parents. More than 4k plus people rated this mattress cover as their preferred one on the Amazon store.

The American Baby Company crib bedding mattress cover size is 28″ x 52″ x 5.5″ which is a standard size and fits most the baby crib mattress.

This baby mattress cover is a fitted waterproof quilted crib pad cover. This makes the mattress more easy to wash and convenient. Also, the quilt is made with extra soft materials to prevent noisy “crinkling” sounds.

This waterproof cover is robust and of very high quality. We recommend it if you are looking for an affordable but quality baby mattress cover.

[amazon box=”B01CYXTAGK” template=”vertical” title=” “]

The newton mini crib mattress is specially designed for your little one’s comfort, better sleep, and safety. It is soft to the touch and it provides real comfort and softness for a peaceful night for your baby.

The mattress used an innovative design to reduce the risk of suffocation and allows air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation.

Newton ensures perfect firmness that helps your baby stay asleep for a long period so that parents can sleep peacefully too.

The core of this mattress is made of 90% free air, and 10% food-grade polymer. The material of the cover fabric is breathable, unzippable, and three-dimensional that allows airflow.

For easy maintenance, you can machine wash the cover and this will prevent bacteria growth.

The newton mini crib mattress is not only comfortable but also safer too. It is hypoallergenic and allergen-free. Furthermore, Newton contains no foam, latex, or adhesives. So you don’t have to worry about allergens or off-gassing. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified which gives you an added peace of mind.

The dimension of the mattress is standard 38″ x 24″ x 5.5″ that makes your baby sleep in a complete comfy state.

Above all, we can say the newton mini crib mattress is comfortable and has a safe quality and robustness and we happily recommend it for your baby.

6. LA Baby Portable Mattress

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LA Baby Mini Crib Mattress is a simple yet comfortable mattress. It is not expensive but of great quality.

This wonderful mattress comes with a Soy Foam Core which is breathable and eco-friendly. This is a nice mattress that is soft but not too squishy for an infant.

The fully organic cotton cover is hypo-allergenic and features a dust mite barrier. The cover is also easy to clean and waterproof that saves the mattress from any leakage.

This mattress comes with standard 24″ X 38′ X 3″ dimensions and perfectly fit in most of the mini crib with zero gaping.

The mattress surface is soft to touch and features box edge construction, blended with a cotton fire barrier. The la baby mini crib mattress is made in the USA and comes with a1-year warranty.

L.A. Baby is committed to providing a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one throughout their childhood period.

Because of its relaxed and organic features, we are happy to recommend it to you for your precious one.

7. Wonder Dream Mattress

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The wonder dream crib mattress provides well-balanced comfort with a flexible welcome, good firmness, and very good support for your little one.

It is made of breathable material that ensures perfect air circulation.  It provides good ventilation and wicks away moisture when the baby sweats.

Breathability also helps regulate temperature by allowing air to pass through the entire mattress.

The mattress is totally environment-friendly. There are no VOCs, no off-gassing, and no toxic emissions. Also, it is GREENGUARD certified. So you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety with this product.

This mattress is 100% machine washable. It serves multiple purposes as you can use one side for your infants’ baby and another side for toddlers.

Furthermore, this Wonder dream crib mattress is also water repellent. Also, you will be happy to know that the backside of this mattress is made from anti-flame materials without any chemicals.

This mattress comes with a replacement cover. It is designed to protect the core from unwanted nighttime accidents. The cover is made from organic cotton, soft to the touch while repelling water and breathable.

So, this baby mattress will help your baby grow by comforting his sleep every day. In addition, you will inevitably find your happiness for your little one with this baby mattress.

8. Moonlight Slumber Mattress

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Moonlight Slumber Little Star Organic Crib Mattress is another great product of the Moonlight company. This moonlight slumber crib mattress comes with unrivaled reliability, maximum comfort, and long service life.

This mattress provides luxurious comfort so your baby can sleep a little more soundly on it. It has a dual side feature, one for infants and another for toddlers.

It has extra-firm plant-infused foam on the infant side and plush and pressure-reducing synthetic latex foam on the toddler side.

The mattress also offers effective protection against mites, bacteria, and allergens, as well as good air circulation to always enjoy a healthy, cool and comfortable sleeping space.

The outer cover of the moonlight slumber crib mattress is made with soft and supple cotton fabric. It is water, stain, and odor-resistant. You can zip it off easily, and it is totally machine washable.

This mattress inner cover is made with medical-grade fabric so that your baby can sleep on it safely. The inner mattress cover is water, stain, and odor-resistant. In addition, the inner cover has a woven fire barrier that is also free of fire-resistant chemicals.

Also, you will be happy to know, this Little Star has proudly held GreenGuard Gold Certification for its highest performance. 

Above all, you can rest your trust on this moonlight slumber little star organic crib mattress and we also recommend it to you.

9. Sealy Baby Crib Mattress

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Coming from the popular brand of Sealy, the Sealy baby firm rest crib mattress has to be one of the good mattresses for the baby crib of the moment.

This piece of bedding has a standard size of 51.7” x 27.3″ and easily adapts to any type of baby bed.

It has a breathable hospital-grade antibacterial cover that helps to create a more sanitary sleeping surface for your little one. You can wipe clean it easily with the help of mild sope.

Multiple layers of soft, supportive, and comfortable cushioning on each side of this mattress provide extraordinary support for your baby.

This Sealy baby ultra-rest crib mattress holds a GREENGUARD Gold certificate and gives you a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials.

This durable crib mattress offers a comfy structure and the best support for your baby to provide them the best sleep on a crib mattress.

Another good thing about the Sealy baby firm rest crib mattress is that it is highly popular among parents. This is why we don’t hesitate to recommend this product to you.

10. Safety 1st Heavenly Mattress

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This safety 1st heavenly dreams white crib mattress is surely the king of the baby mattress in terms of popularity. For over 25 years they have been making baby mattresses that meet top safety standards. This is why this baby mattress company earned America’s most recommended brand for crib & toddler mattresses. That’s not all, it also holds a GreenGuard Gold certificate.

This mattress is surprisingly affordable comes with 10 years warranty for extra peace of mind. Also, this baby mattress is durable lightweight, and super easy to handle.

It has a standard dimension of 52″L x 27.5″W x 5″H that fits most of the baby crib. This crib mattress provides a firm and comfortable surface to ensure proper circulation and support for your baby.

Safety 1st crib mattress comes with water-resistant Vinyl cover to prevent any unwanted accidents. It has a high-density thermo-bonded core that ensures a peaceful night of sleep every time.

Because of its durability, you can use this mattress for a long time. Above all, we can say if you care about safety and quality at an affordable price then you can’t get a better deal elsewhere than this Safety 1st mattress.

11. Big Oshi Portable Crib Mattress

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Big Oshi Portable Mini Crib Mattress is an affordable yet great quality product on the market. This mattress is essentially recognized for offering optimal comfort to your baby.

This foam mattress is available in only white color and offers a lifespan to its user. This mattress ensures safety by providing a hypoallergenic and waterproof material.

The dimension is 38″x24″x3″ thus it fits all standard portable and mini cribs. It is free of flammability, lead, and phthalate-like toxic materials.

After using this mattress you will agree that the best is not always the most expensive. This Big Oshi Portable Mini Crib Mattress is quite affordable; however, it has several great qualities, including the waterproof and hypoallergenic option. On this thick and comfortable foam mattress, your baby will have a peaceful sleep every night.

12. Colgate Eco Classica Mattress

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With a thickness of 6” and dimensions of 51.63” long, and 27.25” wide, this Colgate eco classica iii crib mattress promises comfort for each user. By lying on it, your baby will not feel the hardness of the support that hosts this product and he will have a large space to be free in his movements.

This product is a natural collection of environment-friendly crib mattresses, pads, and accessories. It is a high-quality, lightweight mattress that provides optimal support for your baby.

The Colgate ecoclassica iii has 2- stage dual-firmness for infants & toddlers. Also, the mattress fits all standard size American cribs and toddler beds.

The good thing about this mattress is that it passed all federal and state requirements for flammability and chemical composition. Furthermore, it has been GreenGuard certified to have no harmful air emissions.

You will get an organic cotton cover with waterproof backing. The waterproof-back ensures that the mattress stays dry while the baby’s skin remains closest to organic cotton.

Overall Colgate mattress eco classica iii crib mattress is a well-constructed crib mattress that is light, environment-friendly, and less costly compared to many of its competitors. For added convenience and durability we recommend this to you.

13. Sealy Baby Posturepedic Mattress

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This is another amazing product from the amazing brand Sealy. Sealy Baby Posturepedic Waterproof Standard Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress offers maximum support for optimal efficiency and great durability.

As sleep is really important in your baby’s life, his mattress must be comfortable to use and healthy. And this Sealy mini crib mattress meets all your requirements.

This eco-friendly mattress comes with a hospital-grade waterproof cover that is easy to clean and helps prevent the spread of germs. Again, this mattress has multiple non-allergenic layers to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety.

Also, it has an exclusive anti-sag weight distribution system that helps to create a flat, even surface for improved posture support for your little one.

This piece of bedding has a standard size of 51. 63″ x 27. 25″ x 5. 75″ and easily adapts to any type of baby bed. This product has great customer satisfaction and holds a GreenGuard Gold certification.

Offering protective cotton-based cushioning, this model promises you optimal comfort for your baby and long-lasting service over time.

14. Sealy Baby Soybean Mattress

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We can’t just get enough of these Sealy mini crib mattresses. Yes, with a high-density soybean foam-core, your child will be as comfortable as possible and all thanks go to this Sealy Baby Soybean Foam-Core Waterproof mattress.

It is the first-ever soybean foam-core mattress that uses a percentage of natural and renewable soybeans. The foam used in the mattress is CertiPur-US Certified. Also, for safety reasons It is made without phthalates, lead, mercury, flame retardants, and other harmful chemicals that may violate the safety of the mattress.

Furthermore, this crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality and tested for chemicals to help create a healthier sleeping environment for your little one. Cotton wrap offers a premium level of comfort for your little one.

Also, you will be happy to know that this mattress offers a Lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials and is proudly made in the USA. So, because of its highest quality, we will recommend it to you without any hesitance.

15. Graco Dual-Comfort Mattress

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The Graco premium foam crib mattress is an elegant and feature-packed baby mattress. This mattress will follow your baby throughout his childhood.

This mattress made of polyurethane foam thus offers a very comfortable sleeping space with firmness and optimal support. 

This mattress is affordable compared to other dual-sided mattresses in the market. Yes, this mattress serves both infants and toddlers. When needed a specific side just flip it over and start using it.

The outer cover is waterproof as well as breathable, absorbent, and protecting your baby from mites and allergens. Another good thing is the cover is REMOVABLE, HAND-WASHABLE. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning it that much.

This mattress comes with a standard 52″x 28″x 6″ size. And it is designed to fit any standard full-size crib and toddler bed.

Made in the USA and with numerous certifications (ASTM and CPSC), this Graco premium foam crib and toddler mattress is a good choice to buy.

16. Dourxi Toddler Mattress

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Dourxi crib mattress is a wonderful baby mattress and that will make your baby sleep peacefully throughout the night and also during the nap. Dourxi crib mattress is designed with your baby’s health, safety, and comfort in mind. 

It is made of Polyurethane foam and offers optimal support for infants as well as toddlers.

The Foam punch design ensures better breathability thus makes a more comfortable sleep environment for your baby. This unique design also helps to control temperature regulation that provides your baby a sound sleep.

It is designed without the use of any flame retardants and also other harmful chemicals. This bedding is soft, yet firm enough to hold up to toddler’s jumps.

Also, this product comes with a removable and washable outer cover. So your baby can sleep on a clean surface every time.

It has standard dimensions of 52 x 27½ x 5 inches, which fits any standard full-size crib and toddler bed. The Dourxi crib mattress is CertiPUR certified and comes with a wonderful 10-YEAR warranty against manufacturer defects.

17. My First Flip Mattress

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Get your baby a refreshing rest with this My First Flip Mattress. This is another affordable dual side mattress that is specially designed for both toddlers and as well as infants.

It is a mattress that adapts very well to the shape of the baby’s body and ensures the highest comfort. During the development stage, it provides great support. Its duo-layered construction meets your baby’s needs from infancy into childhood.

Also, it is made with hypoallergenic materials to keep your child safe and allergy-free. Again for better safety, My First Flip Mattress brand is free of phthalate lead and other harmful substances.

It is a simple but comfortable mattress, not so expensive but of great quality, and for all these reasons, we can say My First Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress Combination could be the right choice for you.

18. Graco Foam Crib Mattress

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Graco premium foam crib and toddler mattress is an economic mattress. This respectable quality children’s mattress is perfectly suitable for babies from 0 to 4 years old.

It is a sustainable yet cost-effective model that can be used for several years. Your baby will love the comfort this mattress provides.

The mattress core is made of high-quality, breathable polyurethane foam to maximize airflow. Also, to keep your baby’s sleep environment clean & cozy this Graco premium foam crib mattress offers a water-resistant, removable, and washable outer cover.

Babies need a mattress that provides adequate support for their growth. The Graco premium foam crib mattress offers you enough support to adjust to your baby’s growth.

Furthermore, this mattress comes with a 6-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Also, the Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified.

This mattress is free of prohibited phthalates, lead, and mercury, and meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM International, CPSC, and federal flammability standards. That’s not all this product also, awarded the Women’s Choice Award for 9 out of 10 Customers in 2020.

Because of its entire good features, we will happily recommend it to you.

19. Milliard Crib Mattress

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Milliard crib mattress is an effective and chic baby mattress on the market. It is one of the most efficient mattresses in its category. Milliard crib mattress dual comfort system provides maximum comfort to your baby. It is not expensive but it will surprise you in terms of quality.

To keep your child’s development healthier this mattress offers lots of good features at a reasonable price.

Milliard crib mattress dual comfort system offers a dual side comfort feature which means you can use this mattress for your toddler and also for your infant.

It also comes with a natural cotton cover. This cover is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, and features an anti-slip layer to keep it in place.

The cover is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about nighttime accidents. Also, you can keep your baby’s resting surface clean easily as the removable cover is machine washable.

Dimensions of this product are 52 x 27½ x 5.5 inches which will fit in any standard-sized cribs and toddler beds perfectly.

The core material of this mattress is polyurethane foam. And the good news is this foam is CertiPUR-US certified. CertiPUR-US certified foam means the foam is safe, durable, free of toxic chemicals, and most importantly environment-friendly.

20. Big Oshi Crib Mattress

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The Big Oshi Full Size Baby Crib Mattress – 5.8″ Thick – Orthopedic Innerspring Mattress is designed with 96 Coil springs of 13.5 gauge tempered steel for an extra firm sleeping surface so your baby can sleep safely and comfortably.

The outer cover of this mattress is Durable, protected with a hypo-allergenic vinyl cover that helps resist tears and stains. Also, it is bound with durable sewn border tape for a firm closing.

For ensuring your baby’s safety this product Meets or exceeds all flammability, lead, phthalate, and CPSIA testing. Overall, we can say this well-constructed mattress offers superior strength, long life, and comfort.

21. Dourxi Crib Mattress

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Dourxi crib mattress, 2-stage dual-sided toddler mattress, the premium breathable memory foam mattress is a high-density mattress that provides ultimate comfort to your baby.

A dual side sleep system gives this mattress long-time usability as it can be used for both infants and toddlers.

The core is breathable and has a ventilated support system; therefore, it ensures air circulation. This method also effectively cools down the mattress and helps to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature. This feature is perfect for babies who sweat a lot during the night’s sleep.

You can clean this mattress easily as the outer cover is durable, removable, and machine washable. This allows you to keep the crib mattresses clean and safe thus keep your baby cool and comfortable.

The mattress fits any standard crib, the convertible crib, and the toddler bed measuring the size 52 x 27.5 x 5.5 inches. That’s not all, to make their users satisfied all Dourxi crib mattress is backed by a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy and a 10-year warranty. With this type of assurance, you can easily buy this mattress for your little one.

22. My First Flip Mini Crib

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My First ‘Flip’ Mattress comes with an innovative design that fits your child’s needs from infancy into childhood.

This dual comfort sleep system mattress is made with high-density polyurethane foam for infants and a layer of memory foam for toddlers to ensure maximum comfort.

The hypoallergenic mattress is mite-proof, anti-microbial, phthalate, and lead-free. So you can be sure that it will keep your child safe and allergy-free every time they sleep on it.

The outer cover is removable and offers extra softness. In addition, the cover is washable and waterproof.

My first crib combination mattress meets and exceeds federal flammability and CPSC standards so your child’s safety is in good hands.

23. TILLYOU Sheets Set

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Comfort and security are every parent’s first priority. That’s why TILLYOU jersey knit pack n play sheets fitted, mini portable crib sheets set for girls boys server you with a high-quality pack n play sheet or mini crib sheet.

It is made with soft jersey knit microfiber fabric. The fabric is also breathable therefore provides air circulation.

The sheet is specifically designed for most 1″ to 5″ pack and play pad, mattress for pack and play, play yard, playpen, and also 5” mini portable crib

At the end line, it is sewn with an elastic encased band to tightly secure the mattress pad in its place so there is no fear of loose ends and bunching. The sheet is machine washable on a gentle cycle for easy cleaning.

TILLYOU creates baby-safe products that also pass CPSIA test requirements and meet CPSC standards. Another good thing is this company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year quality warranty to make your shopping assured.

One thing you can be sure that your baby will have a warm and cozy nursery room to slumber and dream while sleeping on this wonderful sheet.

24. Cuddly Cubs Pack n Play

[amazon box=”B07649PKW4″ template=”vertical” title=” “]

Cuddly Cubs Pack n Play Sheets are made from 100% cotton jersey fabric. It offers a soft and cozy feeling that ensures your baby is comfortable all the time while sleeping on it.

This breathable fabric ensures air circulation and also hypoallergenic. Furthermore, the sheet is free of harmful textile production, pre-washed, and pesticide-free.

Again, it has an extra combing process to guarantee a fine quality pack and play sheets.

These porta crib sheets have an encased elastic band around the entire edge, which gives it a secure & snug fit and makes the covers safer for babies.

Washing this sheet is a breeze as they are machine washable and easy to dry mini crib sheet gets softer with every wash.

Overall, Cuddly Cubs Pack n Play Sheets is a great choice to make your baby’s bed fashionable and at the same time comfortable.

Best Mini Crib Mattress Buying Guide

Safety & Security, The most important criterion is security. To ensure the highest security, you must choose the dimensions according to the bed and make sure that your child cannot slip or get caught between the mattress and the structure of the bed.

The standard dimensions are 60 × 120 cm or 70 × 140 cm.

Again, children tend to be more prone to agents that attack the body during the night. That’s why you must choose mattresses that ensure protection against mites, allergies, fungi, and bacteria. This way you can feel sure that your children can rest peacefully.

Mattress Material, The mattress must come with durable, breathable materials. Just like adult mattresses, baby mattresses can be made of foam, springs, or latex. Most often, they are made of foam, which makes them lighter.

But it is wise to choose natural materials such as wool, bamboo fiber, coconut fiber, and Tencel. Tencel is a fiber made from eucalyptus wood pulp. The materials should be resistant and with good finishes.

In addition, it is recommended that they should be anti-mold and anti-mite materials. Also, try to make sure that those have not been made with toxic substances.

Mattress Size, Size is another important factor. Most of the new parents forget to measure the size of the crib. Hence they often buy the wrong sized baby mattress.

So, to avoid any difficulties first measure the dimensions of the crib then buy a similar-sized baby mattress.  

Cleaning, Babies are messy by nature. The risk of leaks and other accidents is very frequent with babies.

That’s why it is practical to look for a removable or waterproof model mattress. Otherwise, the use of a draw sheet can significantly lengthen the life of the mattress by constituting a second protective layer.

The mattresses for babies are very easy to get stained. In this case, you need to ensure the mattress is easy to clean to keep it in perfect condition, free of stains and odors.

Comfort, All baby mattresses must be comfortable and must be able to adapt to the baby’s body. Materials should be soft, fluffy, and perfectly padded.

It is wise to choose a firm mattress rather than a too soft or too hard one.

Density, The density of the baby mattress is important because it defines its comfort, above all better resistance over time.

For your baby to sleep in the most comfortable conditions, you should not choose a mattress that is too firm or too soft. The recommended baby mattress density should be between 20 kg / m3 and 22 kg / m3.

Be aware that a mattress that is too soft does not provide enough support and a mattress that is too firm will be uncomfortable for your baby.

For a foam baby mattress, it is good to choose a thickness between 12 and 15 cm. For a latex or coconut fiber mattress, it is good to choose a thickness of 7 to 10 cm.

Eco-Friendly, The mattress must comply with your country’s current regulations and have passed strict safety standards to ensure maximum security.

Try to look for a mattress that is made with anti-allergenic materials and free from harmful substances such as dichlorobenzene, nitrosamines, or formaldehyde. This choice will offer easier breathing and good stability for your children while avoiding the risk of allergies.

Breathability, Breathability is a very important factor, especially for the hygiene of the mattress. The cover must also be breathable for good air circulation. This ventilation is essential to keep the mattress healthy. For children 0-2 years old a mattress must be very fresh, breathable, and anti-suffocation.


What is GreenGuard Gold Certified Mattress?

To improve air quality in American Houses, the environmental arm of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) developed the GREENGUARD program to identify interior products and materials with low chemical emissions.

What is Certipur-US Certified Foam?

Certified foam means that the flexible polyurethane foam inside a product meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability. Also, it has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

All certified flexible polyurethane foams are tested and analyzed twice in the first year and re-certified annually thereafter. In addition, Certi-PUR conducts random on-site foam production plant checks of participating foam producers.

How long can you use a mattress?

In general, a mattress can be used for 8 to 10 years. You must take care of the mattress in this period. To keep it in good shape you need to ventilate it well, turn the mattress regularly and never use the mattress without a mattress cover.

How hard should a baby mattress be?

A medium to hard mattress is recommended for a baby’s bed. Mattresses that are too soft are a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome. For this reason, try to buy a firm mattress for your newborn baby. And as for your toddler, you can use a softer mattress thus it will help him to sleep more comfortably.  


The crib mattress is an important purchase and you should not be rushed to buy it. As your baby will spend most of her time on the mattress, you must be very careful about buying your affordable one.  Do not hesitate to take your time, compare the models, and define your criteria. To save your time consult our comparison to having all the information in front of you and do not hesitate to read our full reviews!

Here we also listed some expensive cribs that may exceed your budget, we tried to show the best possible choices that you can find in the market. We believe with the help of this comparative top 25 mini crib mattress reviews, you will be able to find your desired baby mattress for your little one.

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