Best Adult Diapers For Postpartum

If you just had a baby you are probably experiencing postpartum bleeding. In general, postpartum can be very stressful, but not knowing how to deal with bleeding will make it harder. To make this stressful time lighter, today we will review the best adult diapers for postpartum.

Postpartum bleeding continues for a couple of weeks, most of the time it lasts for 6 weeks. You can not use tampons to stop the constant bleeding. There is a couple of other ways to manage it, the best and the most convenient one is adult diapers. Before reviewing them, let’s take a little guide to see all the features that will help you to find the best adult diapers for postpartum.

Best Adult Diapers For Postpartum

5 Best Adult Diapers For Postpartum 2021

Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear

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Let’s start the review with already stated features. Always Discreet Underwear offers the best protection. These diapers have thick padding, which goes all the way from the front to the back. Other than that the underwear has double leak guards on the sides. These two things guarantee the best stability for no leakage. Postpartum bleeding can be very heavy so it is important to feel very safe even if you have the heaviest flow. 

Always Underwear offers a surpassing fit. They have 360-degree elastics which makes wearing diapers more beneficial. They have high waistbands, but if you feel uncomfortable with the waist that covers your belly, you can choose other black designs, which present a lower waistband. With all the benefits, this diaper will feel like real underwear, so it will not get in the way of your normal life. 

This postpartum diaper is unscented but it has an amazing trait, they have odor lock technology. This will help neutralize any kind of odor even if you are wearing the diaper for the whole night. If your skin is sensitive, Always has another in-white design.

In summary, Always comes in 4 designs: all of them have different colors and features.

Amazon Solimo Incontinence Underwear

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Solimo postpartum underwear offers maximum absorbency. This underwear has an amazing feature which is called Dri-Fit technology. This technology controls any kind of moisture and also temperature to keep your skin dry, preventing a damp environment to not create any kind of rash and irritation. Irritation is also prevented by the material because underwear does not hold latex.

Solimo underwear has a very high waistband, to make you feel cozy and protected. It is vital to find your exact size in order to prevent any leaks. This adult diaper comes in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. After finding your exact size, you can even use underwear overnight.

Regarding the extra side, Solimo underwear does not have additional layers of sides for absorbency. But their sides will tear easily, which will allow quicker change.

If you are looking for underwear, which will not give you a headache because of its scent and also will lock any of the odors, Solimo underwear is the right choice.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, even if you will not like the product. Within a year you can contact the brand and ask for a refund.

Medline Extended Wear Overnight Adult

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Imagine wearing thick adult diapers for 6 weeks every single day! Just think how dry and aggravated your skin might look after postpartum. Medline underwear will help you with this problem, the diaper has a breathable coating that will allow airflow without any leakage.

Underwear has anti-leak guards, that will offer you the best absorbent for overnight to make your sleep uninterrupted. Each underwear will hold exactly 1 liter of fluid, which will give you comfort for the whole night.

For safely protected fit underwear has flexible closures. Medline adult diaper is unscented, but despite that, it will keep every odor locked.

You can use underwear for not only postpartum bleeding but also for older bedwetting kids. For that reason, underwear comes in a couple of sizes, small 19-31″, medium 27-43″, large 41-59″, and x-large 57-65″.

Depend Night Defense Incontinence

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Depend Night Defense Incontinence Underwear for Women has something that makes this underwear comfortable and easy to use- DryShield Technology. That kind of mechanism will pledge you an astonishing comfort. 

If you want to use underwear for the whole night, the brand created a material that absorbs any kind of leakage immediately, which will provide you with dryness and support.

Bulky diapers are exhausting, to prevent this problem you can use this underwear that has an elastic strand, which will fit any kind of shape. 

Postpartum bleeding is not always just blood, it contains placental tissues too, so any kind of diaper needs to have an odor lock mechanism. Depend underwear is no exception, it keeps fragrance secured and obtained.

The underwear comes in 4 sizes: S: 24-30″ waist, M: 31-37″ waist, L: 38-44″ waist, XL: 45-64″ waist. Every single box contains 60 underwear, which is relevant to the price.

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Buying Guide for Best Adult Diapers For Postpartum

People use diapers or pads after delivery. Before adult diapers people used thick pads which got on the disposable underwear. It is not at all a poor choice, but it has some difficulties. First of all it can not give you the absorbent that postpartum bleeding needs. Secondly because the pad is attached to underwear, it can shift more and make moving a little uncomfortable.

If you decide to choose adult diapers for postpartum then there is a couple of things that you need to think about.

  • Fit – Of course, the first and the most essential thing is how diapers fit you, in the best case diapers cover your belly. After birth that feature can make diapers more pleasant to use. If you do not like diapers that go that high, there are still some low-waist choices.
  • Extra sides – Some diapers do not have extra sides, which is very inconvenient, they make sure that leakage does not come thru sides.
  • Scent – Some of the brands make scented diapers. With normal diapers choosing an unscented one is better, because it mixes with the smell of the baby’s waste. Supposing postpartum diapers for mom you can choose scented diapers because the scent is not too powerful. But still, be aware of it if you are an allergic person.
  • Organic – If you have sensitive skin or you just want to be aware of what are you using the best options are organic postpartum diapers. These kinds of diapers are amazing if you want to take care of the environment too.

Here are some results to help you choose the best adult diapers for postpartum bleeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best postpartum diapers?

The best postpartum diapers for mom are not that hard to find. After reviewing all of the important features, there is only one company that makes the diapers with all the hallmarks- Always. They make diapers with extra sides, they have a good fit and are a little scented but lock all of the odors.

Do I have to wear a diaper after giving birth? 

You do not have to wear diapers, you can use pads with disposable underwear. This is not a bad way, but diapers are more dependable and safer. Diapers do not move a lot and they lock the odors.

Which diaper is best for adults?

You can use all of the reviewed diapers not only for the postpartum period but for adults too. Although the only one designed especially for other adults is Medline – MTB80500Z Extended Wear Overnight Adult Briefs with Tabs.

How long do you need to wear a pad after birth? 

If you decide to use pads, you can use them longer than diapers. Even if you see a little bit of discharge you can use the pad for your safety.

How long after birth do you bleed?

Postpartum bleeding is a very personal thing, every person bleeds differently. Some people do not have postpartum bleeding at all, for some people it lasts up to 10 weeks! Normally bleeding extends from 24 to 36 days. If you see that bleeding is not leaving or you will notice that you are bleeding too much (For example, if you need pads every other hour) you need to contact the doctor.

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Before birth there are a lot of things you think about: child, its health, the birth itself but you need to think about yourself too. The postpartum period is a very delicate time for your body, it is going to change and you will need to take care of it.

In most cases hospitals give away pads, with disposable underwear, you can totally use that if you would like but overall diapers are a great way to feel more confident and stable. To find the best adult diapers for postpartum bleeding you have to take a couple of things into account, such as fit, eco-friendliness, extra absorbency, and the best fit.

Hopefully, this review will help you to find the best adult diapers for postpartum.

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