Best Organic Crib Sheets

Crib sheets that are not comfortable can result in your baby, not sleeping through the night. As a result, they wake up restless every day. This could affect your baby as sleep is essential for your baby’s physical and mental growth.

Fortunately, with super comfy organic crib sheets, you will be able to provide a comfortable sleep environment with your baby deserves. But then, it can be a daunting task trying to find organic crib sheets for your baby, considering that there are various brands in the market. Thus I compiled a list of some of the best organic crib sheets to help you out.

Best Organic Crib Sheets

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The Best Organic Crib Sheet

#1. American Baby Company Fitted Crib Sheet

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American Baby Company is committed to providing the best products for our little ones. Therefore this crib sheet is the top pick out of all crib sheets available in the market. It can make an excellent addition to the supplies of your baby. So if you’re looking for an excellently made plus sized-to-fit crib sheet, this one would be a great choice.

Additionally, it comes in different colors, which are gender-neutral and others printed with letters. The printed ones are so advanced as they are educational, and your baby will be getting exposure to the letters. Furthermore, this crib sheet is made up of super soft fabric, so it’s a go-to product.

#2. Magnolia Organics Fitted Interlock Crib Sheet

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Some types of crib sheets just feel like sandpaper, and others are as thick as tissue paper. But not with a Magnolia organic crib sheet. These are the most packed and soft sheets that are well sewn. Their quality is so impressive, as they don’t shrink after being washed. They wash and dry thoroughly.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful organic sheet, you should opt for this one. They are worth the investment. Just one sheet could even go through for three babies. It’s durable, and everything holds up well, from tearing to color. After all, they’re organic, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

#3. American Baby Company Portable Crib Sheet

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It’s hard to find sheets that fit arms reach co-sleeper. But these Jersey sheets can fit perfectly and snug on your crib. And the material of these organic crib sheets is breathable, which is safe for the infant. Not only that, but they also deliver comfort, which is more critical to the baby.

Additionally, if you’re running a home child care, these crib sheets are the best buy. They’re super stretchy and can fit perfectly. You can not have any problem with slipping. As long the corners are being tugged, they’ll always be in place unless you pull on it.

#4. Burt’s Bees Crib Sheet

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Just like all soft crib sheets which I listed in this post, Burt’s Bees organic crib sheets are also incredibly delicate sheets in the market. They can fit snugly and securely over a standard crib mattress.

It’s elastic is tremendous and has extra padding underneath, like a mattress pad. Meaning when you install it over the corners of the bed, it pulls further. And there would be no wrinkles for your baby to sleep on it. Furthermore, they hold up great after washing. Therefore if you’re looking to purchase gifts for baby showers, Burt’s bees organic sheet could be the best choice.

#5.QuickZip Baby Crib Sheets

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This crib sheet is very soft and plush. The softness of the fabric will help your baby to self-soothe. They are specifically designed for your baby’s comfort. They are durable. Even after years of use, the sheets will not lose their vibrancy. The best thing is that they are already pre-shrunk, which means every time you wash, they won’t shrink or stretch.

With these sheets, you won’t have to struggle to put them back on after washing them. Elastic ties and Velcro is used to secure the sheets so that it won’t pose any harm to your baby. The zippers are baby proof too.

6. Burt’s Bees Baby Crib Sheet and Toddler Mattresses

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Burt’s Bee super soft sheet is one of the best organic crib sheets. As their motto depicts, “comfort to the core,” their sheets are soft to the touch and have a luxurious feel. Your baby will sleep comfortably throughout the night.

This fitted crib sheet is an excellent choice for your baby. Especially if your baby is prone to allergies and skin irritation as it is made of pure cotton, which is hypoallergenic.

This crib sheet is available in a wide variety of gorgeous prints that are specifically designed by talented designers to give it a modern and stylish look.

7. American Baby Company Supreme Red Crib sheet

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This crib is the best as it is made with 100% pure cotton, this crib is ultimately the best organic cotton crib sheet. 

The organic cotton is durable and can serve your baby the whole first year in the crib. Moreover, it is machine washable; it won’t even lose its softness after numerous washes.

The 9-inches deep pockets, entirely fit your crib mattress. It won’t slip off easily and pose a hazard to your baby.

It is soft and cuddly. Your baby will adore and sleep better with these sheets. They make an excellent choice for babies with sensitive skin as it is GOTS certified. Available in a wide range of beautiful rainbow colors, sure to find one that matches your style.

#8. American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Crib Sheet

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Indeed this fitted crib is, so ‘heavenly’ made with luxuriously ultra-soft elegant chenille material guaranteed to offer comfort to your baby. Your baby will have the sweetest dreams with these soft and cuddly sheets. Available in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns. You will find a crib sheet to match your bedding set and nursery décor.

The crib sheets sure won’t come off as it has nine deep pockets with elastic all around for a perfect fit and snug. 100% velvety polyester warm to the touch. An ideal choice for cold weather. Incredibly easy to wash, for best results, tumble dry.

9. American Natural Cotton Crib Sheet

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Made with 100% cotton, these sheets are super soft and cuddly. You are specifically designed to offer comfort to your baby. It is ideal for your baby’s delicate skin. Moreover, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly, which is right for your baby’s health.  

It has a variety of prints and pop-up colors to match any nursery décor. The 100% breathable organic cotton keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

Incredibly an excellent choice with a high thread count. It fits both standard cribs and toddlers’ mattresses. With elastic trim and nine deep pockets, this sheet snuggly fits all the corners and keep its intact

Best Organic Crib Sheet Buying Guide

Best Organic Crib Sheets

When buying organic crib sheets, your baby’s protection reigns supreme. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when purchasing organic crib sheets.

Choose organic sheets with either the International Oeko-Tex Association or GOTS certification labels. These indicate that no harmful substances were used or are present in the sheets.

Always check the thread count of the crib sheets. Crib sheets with higher thread are ultimately the best as they are silkier and heavier. 400 + is finally the best, 300 is good, and 200 is okay. Do not, however, buy crib sheets with a thread count of less than 200.

Consider the weave used. The standard design is more ideal as it is more durable while the sateen weave is less durable but a lot silkier and soft.

For your baby’s safety, choose fitted crib sheets. Fitted sheets have elastic, which makes it a whole easier to secure them to the corners of the mattress. Non-fitted cribs are dangerous for your baby. They can quickly become loose and entrap your baby.

Do not buy crib bedding sets. The best way is to buy crib sheets separately. Purchasing the whole bedding sets might seem like a great deal, but in many scenarios, the material on all the products will be of low quality.

When buying, sheets always consider the current temperature, so that you buy the right sheets that suit the weather. For example, cotton crib sheets are ideal for hot weather, while flannel is ideal for cold weather.

Choose waterproof crib sheets that offer breathability and hypoallergenic features. Waterproof sheets will save you a great deal from continuously having to buy new ones because of stains from diaper leaks.


What is the best material for crib sheets?

The overall best material for crib sheets is organic cotton, this is because it is a moderately thick, breathable, and durable fabric that does not contain toxic chemicals. It is particularly mild in babies with sensitive skin conditions. It also has the additional benefit of keeping your little one cool during summer and warm during winter.

Are organic sheets worth it?

Organic crib sheets are healthier and safer options, this is because they are not pre-treated with toxic or harmful chemicals, that can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions in babies. Apart from the fact that they get wrinkled easily, organic crib sheets are relatively durable and definitely worth every penny.

Are crib sheets safe?

You shouldn’t use a bare crib mattress for your baby, it is advisable to use crib sheets that are safe and they are safe so long as it fits your little one’s crib mattress snugly and is certified as safe by appropriate regulatory agencies, crib sheets that are well-fitted, breathable and do not contain harsh chemicals are safe.

Are crib sheets universal?

Not all crib sheets are universal fits for standard crib mattresses, however, most standard crib sheets are universal fits, especially the ones that come with your baby crib. However, if you would be getting extra crib sheets, you should be sure of the dimension of your crib to get a well-fitted crib sheet.

How often should crib sheets be washed?

Babies spend the most part of their time in bed and their bedsheet is prone to stains from food droppings, poo, etc. Ideally, crib sheets should be washed as often as they get dirty which might be quite cumbersome, however on average, you should wash your crib sheet 1-2 times in a week.

How do I choose a crib sheet?

In choosing an ideal crib sheet, there are some factors to consider for the overall safety of your baby. The summary of the factors to consider is highlighted below:
It should be snugly fitted to your crib mattress.
It should be certified as safe.
Free from toxic chemicals.
Affordable for you.
Breathable and durable.

Pick The Best Organic Crib Sheet

Organic crib sheets are the best crib sheets for your baby. They do not pose any harm to your baby. And they also help your baby to sleep better. You can choose one from the list above, according to your budget. You’ll be glad you did it. Overall, if you’re looking for gifts of baby showers, an organic crib sheet would be a unique option.

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