How to Put a Graco Crib Together: Assembling a Graco Crib

How to put a Graco Crib together?

Putting together a crib for your baby can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Graco cribs are renowned for their quality and safety, providing a comfortable and secure sleeping environment.

This guide will walk you through the process of assembling a Graco crib, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

how to assemble graco crib

Before You Begin

Before you start assembling the crib, gather all the necessary tools and components. Make sure you have a Phillips screwdriver, a measuring tape, and all the crib parts provided by Graco. Prepare a spacious area to work in, giving yourself enough room to maneuver comfortably.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Instructions

Start by thoroughly reading the assembly instructions provided by Graco. Dedicate ample time to comprehend the steps involved and become acquainted with the parts list. This will enable you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the assembly process, ensuring a clear and smooth execution.

Step 2: Organize the Crib Parts

Unpack all the crib parts and organize them systematically. Arrange the components in separate groups based on their categories. This will help you stay organized and prevent confusion during assembly.

Identify the headboard, footboard, sides, mattress support platform, and any additional pieces included with your specific crib model.

Step 3: Attaching the Headboard and Footboard

Begin by attaching the headboard and footboard together. Carefully follow the instructions to align the slots and holes in the correct position. Insert the screws provided and tighten them securely to establish a stable connection. Before proceeding further, make sure to double-check that the headboard and footboard are correctly positioned for a proper fit.

Step 4: Install the Sides

Slide each side of the crib into the designated slots on the headboard and footboard. Ensure that the sides are aligned properly with the mattress support platform.

Attach the sides using the provided screws, making sure to tighten them adequately without overdoing it. This will maintain the structural integrity of the crib.

Step 5: Adjust the Mattress Support Platform

Most Graco cribs come with an adjustable mattress support platform, allowing you to customize the height according to your baby’s needs.

Determine the appropriate height for your baby’s stage and adjust the platform accordingly. Follow the instructions to set the platform at the desired level and ensure it is securely in place.

Step 6: Secure all Screws and Bolts

Once the crib is fully assembled, inspect all the screws, bolts, and connections to ensure they are tight and secure.

Gently test the stability of the crib by applying slight pressure from different angles. It’s important to have a sturdy crib that will provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

Step 7: Perform a Safety Check

Before placing your baby in the crib, conduct a final safety check. Look for any loose parts, sharp edges, or protruding screws that could pose a risk.

Press down on the mattress to ensure it fits snugly and is properly supported. Give the crib a thorough visual inspection to verify its overall integrity.

Remember to also put on a mattress pad for added comfort and protection.

graco crib assemble


Assembling a Graco crib requires attention to detail and following the provided instructions. By organizing the parts, taking your time, and double-checking each step, you can create a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your little one.

It is also very important to know when to flip your mattress to toddler side.

Remember to refer to the instructions specific to your Graco crib model. Enjoy the satisfaction of completing the assembly and providing your baby with a cozy and secure crib!

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