Cheap Queen Mattress Under 100 To 300

People typically spend about $500 to $1,500 on a new mattress.

And those who successfully haggled over the price saved around $200. But why spend that much money, when you can buy a cheap full mattress under 100 to 300, which will be perfectly good.

Generally, online manufacturers do not rely on sales therefore you will pay the advertised price.

However, at a physical store, you pay 50% or more off the regular price. The stores usually list these prices right along with the sale prices. They usually only cover manufacturing defects, not normal wear and tear.

Before we start the review, let us take a little buying guide to determine what is the best cheapest mattress.

Cheap Queen Mattress Under 100

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5 Cheap Queen Mattresses Under 100 To 300

Linenspa 8 Inch Queen Mattress

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This one is all-in-one and has the 8 inches width of a traditional spring mattress with an inch and a half of memory foam on top.

There are some benefits to this topper over just a pure spring mattress or a memory foam mattress, depending on what you like. If you are coming from a spring mattress and think that memory foam beds are too squishy and you have found them not for your taste, give this one a try. It feels more like a traditional mattress but with just a little extra added comfort of the memory foam on top, and the springs will not crush like, traditional mattresses. It has steel-tempered, so if you are laying on it for a long time, at the same position for years, and you do not flip the mattress, the topper will not get crushed down.

Subrtex 6 Inch Mattress

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Subrtex 6 inch mattress topper gets equipped with a cooling gel, which is an excellent feature. It enhances sleep by making the mattress cooler and more smooth to use in the long term. It also could keep the topper from shifting during the night to secure.

Another important and unique thing this product has is two covers. It makes the topper easier to remove and way more manageable to clean. One of the covers, the outer one, is removable, and the second, the inner one, is fire-proof microfiber.

Microfiber is a pretty reliable material in the mattress. It is soft and silky and simulates the feeling of silk. Because it is thinner and more compact than synthetic or feather mattress toppers, it can get stored more simply and efficiently.

Olee Sleep 6 Inch Foam Mattress

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If you want to find the choice that will be affordable, works well, is not overly thick but has just enough thickness between you and a box spring or platform bed, Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is a great choice.

However, if you are someone who wants a more comfortable and delicate choice, you can try using a thicker size.

You might notice a slight odor which is pretty much expected when you buy a mattress or topper online. Nevertheless, it should evaporate completely as more time passes.

Because it gets ventilated, has a cooling-gel infused top layer, and breathable outer cover, the mattress will keep you comfortable even on a hot summer night.

Overall it is outstanding for the price, this product is thicker and more comfortable than its value.

LINENSPA Gel Mattress Queen

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If you lay on the mattress, you will feel how comfortable it is. A lot of times when you are sleeping, if you wake up in a different position than you went to sleep in, that means you were not comfortable. Throughout the night, when you felt awkward, you rotated and moved around with a mattress. 

However, the LINENSPA mattress consumes you and absorbs your body, which makes you comfortable by supporting yourself in different places.

On the other hand, it might not be the best choice out there. Some people recognized that under the mattress is fiberglass instead of foam, which makes material collapse and go everywhere.

Zinus 6 Inch Foam and Spring Mattress

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This mattress is the only one from our list that is both foam and innerspring. The best thing about the bedding is that it comes in different sizes, starting from narrow twin to California king.

The inner springs overall are a bit better than other types of mattresses for side sleepers. Often the springs are easier to move around compared to memory foam mattresses because they offer more bounce. 

However, there is one significant downside, it can transmit bounciness, so if you have a restless co-sleeper, you will feel them moving around.

5 Budget queen mattress Topper under 100

1. Zinus Mattress Topper, Queen

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This mattress is on the softer side. There is a lot of memory foam in it, which means you will sink pretty far into it.

Something else that you might notice is that because of the memory foam, it might trap a little bit of body heat.

If you are someone who overheats during the night, you might want to be careful with a memory foam mattress such as this.

This one is great for side sleepers because it helps you avoid the pressure points on problem areas like the shoulders and the hips.

The opposite is for the stomach sleepers, who need a firm mattress to support the hips from sinking into the mattress.

2. LUCID Traditional Foam Topper Queen

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This foam mattress topper should soften your mattress, so if your mattress is already on the firm side, this is a great and easy way to soften it up. 

It has a very slow-moving memory foam feel and takes a long time to come back into place, almost like quicksand, which is great for body contouring. You will feel the foam layers hug your body, and you will sink into the top. However, it makes it difficult to move around on top of the mattress, so that is something to keep in mind.

3. BedsPick Mattress Topper Queen Size 

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BedsPick memory foam does a great job isolating movement, so you will not get pushed when your partner tosses and turns in their sleep. 

However, changing positions on this particular topper, like other memory foams require effort because you tend to sink into the mattress.

If you are someone, who has an allergy to strong odors and fragrances, you need to keep in mind that some memory foam mattresses have a plastic chemical smell. 

If you are worried about the smell, but still want the memory foam feel, you might want to search for natural latex.

4. Serta CopperGel Topper, Queen

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There is a reason why Serta makes one of the best memory foam mattress toppers. 

Reason being that this topper gets every advantage that memory foam mattresses have, such as when you put your hand into it, the impression stays there and will reduce pressure points. Whether you are sleeping on your side, or maybe you sleep on your stomach, it will make you feel comfortable and relieve the pressure.

However, because this topper has a cooling support gel, it does not get as hot as other foam mattresses tend to be. 

5. Sealy Mattress Topper, Queen, Blue

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A gel-swirl mattress topper provides the two most important parts for good sleep. 

First is comfort and support, which gets provided by a simple solution to enhance any sleep surface with an added layer.

The second vital thing, as we already discussed, is the cold night experience, which gets brought by gel-swirl. 

With all of those marvelous things, there is one more thing that needs to get mentioned. This topper is CertiPur-US certified, which means they get made from all-natural material, so this is the best choice for someone who is highly allergic to chemicals.

Overview And Guideline To Buy Cheap Queen Mattress

There are various types of mattresses, so we will analyze all of them to help you find the best queen mattress for under 100 dollars.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses are gaining in popularity. They make up 19% of mattress sales.

Memory foam is mostly polyurethane, a durable plastic material that responds to the heat and pressure of your body and is supposed to conform to it.

Some memory foam beds offer dual firmness. That way, you and your partner can customize how firm or soft you want your side.

Adjustable air

Adjustable air mattresses allow you to control the firmness. These are mattresses filled with pockets of air, surrounded by foam.

Many come with other layers of material, like foam or gel tops, for added comfort.

Most adjustable air mattresses allow you to customize half the bed to your desired level of firmness anytime you want with remote control, usually right from the bed.


While you can find mattresses that use all sorts of materials, from foams and latex to mostly air, almost half of those sold are the classic innerspring.

The springs are metal, usually steel coils. In some models, those coils are individually wrapped.

Many innerspring manufacturers offer hybrid models, adding several inches of cushioning, foam or padding, and gel-infused foam layers above the inner springs.

Natural mattresses

More companies are selling mattresses marketed as green, natural, or organic, partly to consumers’ questions about chemicals.

For example, there are concerns about fire-retardant chemical – polybrominated diphenyl ethers, known as PBDEs.

But natural and organic may not mean what you think. A mattress can be labeled organic even if only a portion of its materials are certified organic.

If you are concerned about chemicals added to polyurethane, look for the CertiPUR-US label. It forbids the use of certain flame retardants.


1. What is the best cheapest mattress to buy?

It depends on what kind of mattress you decide to buy- the choices vary. But if we take in mind people’s opinion and what is the most important and likable, the best heap queen mattress under 100 is either from Zinus or Lucid.

2. How much should a queen mattress cost?

As we already discussed, people typically spend about $500 to $1,500 on a new mattress. At a physical store, you pay 50% or more off the regular price.

3. Is buying an expensive mattress worth it?

There are times when expensive mattresses cost more because they get made from well-known brands, and at that point, they are selling the name, not the product. However, sometimes mattrasses cost more because they get made with high-quality materials, which are very expensive. Hence, if you find the right product, sometimes paying more can not hurt much.

4. How can I get a mattress for cheap?

First of all, take a good look at the material and what the mattress gets made. Second and the most important is that, if you buy the product online, manufacturers there do not rely on sales, so you will pay the advertised price.


You might not look into finding the right mattress too much, which is a big mistake. The wrong bedding can cause real and permanent body imprints, an incorrectly chosen cushion, can often force you to sleep in an unnatural position that twists and strains your back. If you have the correct mattress, it will give you a good night’s sleep, and it is so important, especially if you have injuries or if you are hurting. So getting a good mattress is one of the best steps to start.

Hopefully, this review helped you find the cheap queen mattress under 200 bucks.

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