Best Leggings for Tall Skinny Little Girl (2022)

If your daughter is a tall girl, you probably have a problem that most girls have, finding the best leggings for tall skinny little girls. Leggings are one of the most comfortable pants and children get discouraged when they can not find the right fit. When the leggings are too small, they are short in the leg area, but when leggings are bigger they become loose in the waist area.

This article will help you to find the best leggings for a tall skinny little girl by reviewing their length, how the waistband adjusts, what material the leggings are made of, their designs, and if the quality and price in the ratio.

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5 Best Leggings for Tall Skinny Little Girl

LUOUSE Multipack Girls Stretch Leggings

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Let’s start reviewing these leggings by their material. They are made of Polyester to make the leggings stretchier and more breathable, if your child decides to use the leggings for playing outside the material will protect them from sweating and making their skin irritated.

The leggings come in a couple of sizes, more specifically they vary from 26-33 inches in the length.

You want your children to feel and look cute, because of this LUOUSE provides not only black or gray but also colorful and fun designs, such as planets, rainbow, dinosaurs, and many more. Most importantly to make your child feel more confident the leggings are not see-through.

Even if you will not love the product the brand got you covered, For 30 days from buying the product, they will give you a refund.

Sylfairy Girls Rainbow Leggings Pants

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If you want your daughter to look cute in her leggings try, Sylfairy leggings.  They come in 3 different designs: Rainbow, Mermaid, and Dinosaur. Your daughter will look great at the gym, birthday party, or at school, leggings are acceptable for every occasion. Even though designs are colorful, you can be confident because they do not fade and you can wash them in the washing machine.

The designs are not the only great thing about the leggings, they are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Polyester makes leggings stretchier and more delicate to feel.

If you want the size to be accurate it is important to look at the sizes before actually obtaining the leggings. They come in 5 sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and leg length varies from 26-33 inches!

Oh So Soft Solid Girl’s Leggings

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When you buy the product online you basically trust the brand, therefore there is no better brand to trust than the one that was funded by the stay-at-home mom. The brand found the right material which would feel great(with 95% Polyester) and not be see-through, they will also give you a refund or exchange the product if you will not feel fulfilled. 

The most amazing thing about these leggings is the fact that they come in almost 30 designs, so you could use them in any occurrence, day or night, summer or winter. Leggings have moisture-wicking fabric that retains heat from the body therefore you will not be cold.

You can buy these leggings for both, you and your daughter because they come in 6 sizes for young girls, and 8 sizes for adults.

The Children’s Place Girls Leggings

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When you are buying leggings, let’s be real, you want to find the one with good quality and a better price compared to other ones. In that case, we have a great opportunity for you, these leggings are not even 20 dollars for 2 packs of leggings! They appear in 4 colors: black, white, grey, and shell. You can choose any 2 colors you would like. 

Leggings are made of 94% of cotton to feel smoother on the skin. They also have elasticized waistband to fit your daughter’s waistline perfectly.

Regarding sizes, there are a couple of wrong size charts going on the internet and a lot of customers are mad because they can not find the right size chart. To find the right one go to The Children’s Place’s official website and look for their chart, to be more exact, they come in 10 sizes, with lengths from 41 to 64 inches.

City Threads Girls’ Leggings

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It is hard to find any kind of pants for tall skinny girl but City Thread’s leggings got you covered. These leggings will fit your daughter perfectly, it has a high waistband which is made out of high-quality mater to not irritate your daughter’s skin even when they are on the playground. 

These leggings are made of 100% cotton for the breathable matter, Even though it is made of cotton it is not too thick. They wash easily and will not fade or sag after a couple of uses.

The pants appear in 16 different colors and designs, however, it is not made of dyes. They are presented in 11 sizes to fit any type and length of the body.

BOOPH 4 Pairs Girls Leggings Pants

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Even if you find the perfect fit of the leggings for your daughter, it is way better when you know that their legs and feet are warm. BOOPH leggings have socks with them in the pack which matching colors, and even if you decide to wear them separately they are both cute and stylish. The brand offers 4 designs, such as pink, grey, black and dark grey. 

The material is safe and soft on your daughter’s skin, it will not irritate or sting them, additionally, it will not deform or change color after many washes.

You can order any kind of size from S to L, which will fit children from 1 to 6 ages. 

Amazon Brand Spotted Zebra Leggings

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It is so hard to find cute outfits for school every single day, just imagine ordering a multipack of the leggings and have already decided on every outfit for school. 

Spotted Zebra leggings have colorful and fun designs that are unique, and with the one pack there comes either 3 or 4 leggings. 

All of them have great quality and do not feel rough on the skin, they are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. These materials make leggings extra stretchier for a busy play day, and also elastic waistband will guarantee an outstanding fit. You can wash the leggings in the washing machine and the prints will not fade away.

The brand has leggings in 9 sizes and will fit girls ages from 2 to 12! 

Best Leggings for Tall Skinny Little Girl


To find the best leggings for tall skinny little girl there is a lot of things you need to know. You have to know the exact length of the leggings, but make sure to buy a little longer one, because sometimes there are some disagreements with the size chart and the actual length. Make sure you match the waist size too, you do not need loose pants on the playground.

When you are searching for a clothing item you want to look for charming designs to make sure your daughter will feel confident.

All of the reviewed leggings can be sorted as the best leggings for tall skinny little girl but the ones that check all of the features are leggings from BOOPH and Oh So Soft.

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