What to Wear to Bed While Breastfeeding?

After delivery, things get complicated for moms. Sleeping is also very stressful because breasts start to leak milk, resting is a painful process. Let’s start with what you might do to make yourself comfortable and make this stressful process a little easier.

The first and the best choice are very soft and delicate bras. Please try and use a bra that does not have a metallic wire or the one that will fit your body too tightly, that will get very uncomfortable or worse make your breast swell or inflame it with infection.

You can use nursing pads overnight too. As already mentioned, nursing pads get made especially for absorbing milk while breastfeeding, but since they are very soft on the skin, if you do not have any other choice pad can get used all night long.

If you do not want to wear bras even with the pads on them, then try tank tops. It is a simple tank top that has gentle padding on them. They can be worn in the summertime and will not make you feel too hot, but while winter you can just wear them under the shirt and still feel comfortable.

If you still do not like all of these choices for overnight use, then you can use nursing tops, that really feel like a regular top but has a little thin padding in them. For a more delicate feeling try to find a shirt that has a double layer of clothing in them.

There is not really a preference with what to wear dress, tank top or regular top, the important thing is to make sure that it gets made from delicate material, to be more exact, organic bamboo, organic cotton, or linen fabric.

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