Mini Crib vs Crib – How Are They Different in Size?

Mini cribs vs. regular cribs have different features which this article seeks to highlight. Expectant mothers and new parents alike, are mostly in the dilemma of whether to get a mini crib or a regular crib for their babies. In making your choice, the issue of safety, cost, comfortability, and durability amongst others comes to play.

The major differentiating factor evident to many is the size, but apart from this, several features differentiate between cribs vs. mini cribs. We’ll discuss some of them in this article.

Mini crib

From the name, it is a small-sized crib specially designed for newborns and babies less than two years of age. They are also known as portable cribs because of their petite sizes. They come in different shapes and sizes based on the model and manufacturer. Although some mini cribs come with wheels, with or without wheels, they are easy to move around. 

Also, you can disassemble when your baby outgrows it. Mini cribs mostly come with mattresses as it is not easy to get beds for them because of the variation in their specifications.


They are usually larger and designed to be stationary. Regular cribs have a standard measurement of 58 inches long by 28 inches wide; their large size makes it pretty challenging to move it around. It is not so hard to get a well-fitted mattress or bed clothing for regular cribs.

Mini Crib vs Crib

Mini Crib Vs Crib : Significance Differences

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Mini Crib

  • You have a small apartment or if you do not have so much space to spare.
  • You don’t have so much cash for the initial crib purchase.
  • You want a crib that is small and portable so you can quickly move it around at will.
  • You want to use the crib for a short time.

Regular Crib

  • You have a relatively large room, or you have enough space for it such that your room won’t look so clumsy.
  • You can afford to part with a reasonably large sum of money/ you have enough money to spare.
  • You want a crib that is large and sturdy (especially if your kid is weighty).
  • You want a crib that can be converted into a bed as your kids grow older.
  • You want a crib that you can use for years.

Mini Cribs vs. Pack ‘n Play

I have talked quite extensively on mini cribs, so I’d just focus on pack n play. While both mini cribs and pack n play have almost about the same size specification, pack n play is typically lighter,  more portable, and even cheaper.

Although they are both small, Mini cribs are better for use within your home while pack n play is more suitable for short trips with your baby as it is easier to fold up and move about at will. It is not a bad idea to buy a pack n play in your grandma’s home if your baby visits grandma often.

Mini Crib vs Crib vs Pack ‘n Play

The safety of your baby should be your priority; as such, you should be wary of using old cribs, especially if you have been using it for your older kids for a reasonably long time, you can’t be too sure of its safety.

The issue of the cost, which is a common constraint as regards mini cribs and regular cribs, is relative. Although mini cribs are cheaper and can save you a few dollars, you still have to get a bigger crib in the long run as your baby will outgrow it faster. 

Regular cribs, although expensive, saves you the cost of buying a new crib as your kids get older. So invariably, you just have to choose your kind of expensive.

Overall the cribs be it mini or regular should be:

  • Certified by appropriate authorities
  • Have moderately spaced slabs
  • Made from robust, durable and toxin-free materials and
  • Appropriately arranged to avoid it collapsing, especially when your baby is in it.

I hope this helps? Let me know.

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