How Many Nursing Pads Do You Need?

First, let’s start talking about what a nursing pad actually is. After giving birth, it is not all rainbows, there comes a very complex process of postpartum. After delivery, your hormones cause your breasts to start making milk, and you may swell. That is when nursing pads come in handy, it absorbs milk that may leak. You can wear them inside your bra, which is to keep milk away from your clothing. Like diapers, nursing pads have to be fitted on the body tightly to prevent leakage.

It is very familiar for the milk to leak if you hear a baby crying. Some people think it is a myth and is not a real thing, but in reality, while breastfeeding any baby crying will make you leak. Leakage will also occur if it is close to the time of feeding your baby, and the most common one is to flow from one breast while you will nourish your baby from the other.

Like with the diaper, you do not want to keep moisture against your skin for too long, it might cause a rash or irritation, in the worst case, it might cause a yeast infection. It is essential to find the most absorbent pad for your health. There are two kinds of pads: Disposable and reusable pads.

Disposable pads get made from an absorbent material, so it comes in different levels of absorbance.  You can purchase a box of disposable pads that contain anywhere from 50 to 200. However, you might need more than one box of pads, but with reusable pads, you will take care of the environment and save money because you are going to need between up to 10 pairs of pads, which costs up to 10 dollars!

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