Best Jeans For Fat Guys

Jeans are one of the most stylish and essential parts of the outfit, but they can be so uncomfortable, especially if they are the wrong sizes. Have you gained some weight in the quarantine, and are you struggling to find the right fit for the pants? Let’s review the best jeans for fat guys to help you feel fashionable and cozy at the same time.

Some qualities need to be guaranteed by pants, for example, jeans need to be tight in the right places but not too much tight that will make you feel awkward.

Best Jeans For Fat Guys

8 Best Jeans For Fat Guys – New and Stylist

1. Wrangler Jean

If you want to find the best jeans for overweight men you need to look for relaxed but fit jeans. Wrangler jeans are rested in the butt and the thighs area which makes the waist more suitable. When you are a little bit overweight zippers are one of the biggest problems, these jeans have the most trustworthy zipper and button closure.

Jeans have an authentic five-pocket styling and are made from 100% cotton and are free of chemicals. All of these are to keep your skin soft even if you wear jeans all day long.

Wrangler jeans divide into 2 specific types: Standart and Big & Tall. Standart contains 57 sizes and Big & Tall includes 27 sizes. Regarding the designs, pants come in 8 colors in almost every shape, from the light one to the black shade. 

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2. Wrangler Authentics Jean

To find the best pants for a big belly man then stop thinking about basic fits, like skinny pants or boot cut jeans, try to find the pants with the elastic waistband or waist that has an inner cummerbund. Sadly, Wrangler pants do not provide a specific elastic waistband, but somehow they still provide the perfect waist fit, they feel comfortable and have a little bit of room to prevent being too tight while sitting for a long period. 

They are also very easy and convenient to use, as they can be washed in the washing machine. Since they are made from 100% cotton, jeans will not fade or stretch because of washing too much, stains come out from fabric very quickly too.

Wrangler jeans come in almost 80 sizes, so you can calmly say that these jeans will fit almost every shaped person.

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3. Wrangler 5-Pocket Jean

One of the features that are underrated while talking about jeans is the rise, the rise is the area where jeans connect to the waist. It is hard to say which kind of rise is better, high-waisted jeans or low-waisted ones, everyone is different and thinks of comfort as a different concept. But if you are overweight and are looking for the best jeans for fat guys, high-rise jeans are more comfortable, as they will cover your belly. Wrangler jeans are middle-raised, they go a little bit over the waist and are comfortable since they offer a natural waist fit.

These specific jeans are made from 99% Cotton and 1% Spandex. Cotton is comfortable and breathable but Spandex makes the material more strong and elastic.

Regarding the designs, jeans come in 10 different colors that you can choose from.

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4. Wrangler Relaxed Jean

Sale Best Jeans For Fat Guys

If you are struggling to find the perfect jeans, you probably have tried a lot of them. After that much struggle, you have to be happy if you find the pants that you can wear on every occasion, for example, work, restaurant or even night out. Wrangler jeans are designed to be a timeless fit, that will look good with every outfit. They are the best jeans considering it comes in almost 10 colors, dark colors for bad weathers or light colors for a launch. 

These jeans are for people that do not have that impossibly achieved perfect body, they will compliment every shaped person.

Even after all of these mentioned benefits jeans still have other good qualities, for example, they are built with the material that can last you all day long and will allow you to move.

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5. Wrangler Big & Tall Jean

As already mentioned jeans need to have an elastic waistband, while other Wrangler jeans did not provide an elastic waistband, this model does. They are finished with a zipper fly, button closure and have a waistband that will keep you comfortable and will bend with you.

The different thing about this model is also its material, they have a little more Spandex which makes jeans stretchier than other Wrangler pants. In a way, that is a good thing as stretchier material can make you feel almost like you are wearing pajamas.

These jeans are styled with a five-pocket vogue, to be more exact they have 2 front scoop pockets, 1 watch pocket, and 2 back pockets.

As with every other Wrangler jeans, they come in a lot of sizes, but in respect of colors, they appear in 5 different designs.

6. Wrangler Classic Straight Jean

There is something called heavy-duty hardware, which means you can wear Wrangler jeans on literally every occasion, they are so durable that most of the people who use Wrangler jeans are manual workers. This fact does not mean that you can not wear jeans in everyday situations.

One of the most amazing thing is that you can go to Wrangler’s official site where you can find the pattern that will help you find the best fit. 

These jeans have a classic fit which means that jeans have a straight fit through the bust, thigh, and leg areas. To give you a more tailored look and fit, these jeans sit lower on the waist. Of course, if you are looking for jeans that will fit you perfectly then jeans should be high-waisted, but even though these jeans are still one of the best jeans for fat guys.

7. True Nation Stretch Jeans

Sale Best Jeans For Fat Guys

If you are overweight and want to find other jeans than Wrangler then you need to try True Nation’s jeans, they are made with 99% Cotton and 1% Spandex. The materials make jeans more comfortable to use as they are easier to clean. Regarding how it feels, the material is soft on the skin and also is breathable.

Let’s talk about its fits, it has a relaxed fit since jeans sit below the waist and are a little bit wider in the leg area than the hip and thighs area. These jeans also have a classic zipper closure, considering they can become a big problem.

Jeans come in hand-sanded and are creased to make pants more vintage looked. Unfortunately, these jeans come only in one color.

Concerning the sizes, True Nation jeans come in only big sizes, starting from XL to 8XL.

8. Haggar Men’s Big Pant

What makes Haggar’s jeans different than the other ones? Well, they are made with Polyester, which makes a couple of things about these jeans remarkable. Polyester is a material that is hard to wrinkle but dries quickly. Even though the material is very soft it can be washed in the washing machine. 

For the perfect fit, jeans have a hidden adjustable waist, which can make the waist modified by a couple of centimeters.

If we trust reviews, we can see that a lot of people have a couple of concerns, for example, for some people jeans were a little thin. The most common worry was the button, to be more exact, the buttonhole was stubborn and very hard to use.

The best thing about these pants is that they come in 13 sizes, from 28 to 41!


In conclusion, it is not very easy to find the right pants for overweight men, the research can get a little problematic since there are no large variations of the brand that offers jeans in every size.

Also, there are a couple of things that will make your life way easier even if you find the right size. Good quality jeans are not cheap, so if you buy the pants, then you need to be sure that you can wear those jeans on every single occasion, starting from work to even an outdoor activity.

Other than the designs, the very essential part is their quality. Try to find jeans that are made from cotton or spandex, as they will not shrink or fade away after a couple of washes.

There are also a couple of additional qualities that need mentioning, for example, elastic waistband, zipper closure, or even vintage look.

We can all agree that if you are searching for the best jeans for overweight men the crucial part is the sizes. The brand that offers the most sizes is Wrangler, as it provides up to 80 sizes.

Hopefully, this review will help you find the best jeans for fat guys.

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